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New Forums have been created to facilitate better sharing of profiles and allow discussion on choices.OgreForums/profiles

ATTENTION: All pre-v17 profiles will require modification in order to work due to the addition of the Cast Stack.

These are sample profiles. It is up to you to tweak and adjust your profiles to suit your needs. Profiles can and do change based on the composition of the group/raid and gear.
If you wish to contribute a profile please email kannkor@ogregaming.com with both the profile, AA spec and your Username so that credit can be given.

  • When using a saved profile, first backup your previous profile for that character if one exists.
  • If no profile exist for a character ogre will create a profile by coping data from the EQ2Save_Sample_class.xml (class being the class of that character)
  • When a profile is created for a toon, the naming convention is EQ2Save_server_toonname.xml
    • when using one of the profiles listed here you must
      • either delete your old profile / save over your old profile
      • or merge the new profile with your old (if you have to ask how then you do not use this method).
  • To load an *.AA file, copy it into your base Everquest II folder (e.g., "C:\Sony\EverQuest II"), then load it via the in-game AA window (L is the default hotkey).


  • Edits made 4/27/2014
    • Added current [v17] profiles from Ogregaming.com forums
  • Edits made 07/12/2013
    • Ranger Profile Updated for improved DPS - Dudester
  • edits made 06/23/2013
    • Assassin, Brigand, Coercer, Dirge, Ranger, Swashbuckler - Rodent
    • Removed a lot of ancient profiles that have current replacements.

Exporting Your Profile

Have a kick ass profile you want to share? Great! Let's talk about how to safely do that!

  • Show Main
    • Admin Tab:
      • Use file Name 'ClassType'
      • Use Profile Name 'I use exp acronym and class type again'
      • Click the Save Custom Profile
  • This will save a new file you your Innerspace/Scripts/EQ2OgreBot/Save
    • If you used the above options it would be : EQ2Save_Sample_ClassType
  • All the alias fields have been cleared of all your personal data and the file is ready to be shared.

Again to note: If you wish to contribute a profile please email kannkor@ogregaming.com with both the profile, AA spec and your Username so that credit can be given. This can also be done anonymously if you choose. Or it can be posted on the OgreForums/profiles

Basic Tips for Reforging, Adornments, Group Makeup Basics

Sample Profiles


Guardian Berserker Monk Bruiser Paladin Shadowknight
bjcasey Dudester(CoE) Saha bjcasey jgarza00 Kannkor
Dudester (GU66) Orwak Dudester (GU66) Dudester (GU66)
Saha[v17] Dudester (CoE)


Defiler Mystic Inquisitor Templar Fury Warden Channeler
Kannkor bjcasey Orwak bjcasey jgarza00 bjcasey (heal rig) Saha[v17]
Dudester (CoE) Dudester(CoE) Dudester(CoE) jgarza00 jgarza00[v17] bjcasey (dps rig)
Cheesy[v17] Snipermagnet(CoE) Saha[v17]


Coercer Illusionist Necromancer Conjuror Warlock Wizard
Snipermagnet(CoE) Hollow Hollow jgarza00 Kannkor Dudester(GU66)
Dudester(GU66) jgarza00 Dudester(GU66) Dudester(GU66) Dudester(GU66) Olgie[v17]
Rodent(GU66) Dudester(GU66) jgarza00[v17] SDSam[v17]


Assassin Ranger Brigand Swashbuckler Dirge Troubador Beastlord
Rodent(GU66) Dudester(GU66) Snipermagnet(CoE) Shadow(CoE) Snipermagnet(CoE) Kannkor Orwak
Rodent (GU66) Dudester (GU66) Rodent(GU66) Dudester (GU66) jgarza00 Ali (CoE)
Cheesy[v17] Rodent(GU66) Rodent(GU66) Dudester (GU66) Dudester (GU66)
Saha[v17] Saha[v17]

GU66 Changes - Note: Some changes may require profile tweaks

Current GU66 Profiles


  • These profiles are provided as a starting point for many new players that ask me for help. I find it very helpful to open an existing profile and adjust it rather than starting from scratch. I personally use all of these and update many monthly with suggestions given me for improvement or new things I learn in game or chat, or to accommodate changes made by SOE.
  • These profiles may not work for you and your play style or group makeup, if you have constructive comments then please PM me in the Ogre IRC channel. If you do not like the profile and have no constructive comments for improvement then don't use it.
  • As is the case with any profile you download you will have to make some adjustments to the Alias Tab and Other settings to fit your play style.
  • Remember to press refresh when you get to a profile page so that you are viewing the latest webpage with aa's and file. You do not want to be viewing an old cashed page.
  • Combat Buffs: If you get concentration slot warnings there are a couple things you can do.
    • Make sure you do a full rebuff after your aa change and new profile is in place.
    • If you still have issues it may be do to group makeup, epic items, AA's etc, so adjust your buffs. Example of a buff issue would be: You can not cast both Time Compression and Upbeat Tempo on the same toon.
  • If you are using someone's sample profile then you must use the AA setup provided with any profile you use.
    • After you put in your new AA's remember to first close Ogre, Run Ogre Spell, re-launch Ogre, then run a full rebuff.

Older Chains of Eternity Profiles

  • profiles updated 04/24 - 04/26/2013 - Improved DPS - Updated AA's, Updated CA Orders, adjusted buffs, priorities now work better with Ogre
    • Final CoE Build For: Beastlord, Brigand, Coercer, Dirge and Warlock (Dudester)
  • profiles updated 04/17/2013 - Updated AA Spec and CA Order
    • Brigand (Dudester)
  • profiles updated 03/25/2013 - Swashbuckler profile added
    • Swashbuckler (Shadow)
  • profiles updated 03/07/2013 - AA Changes to both classes, Troub (added 2nd jCap buff to self)
    • Troubador, Dirge (Dudester)
  • profiles updated 02/27/2013 - Minor CA Changes
    • Inquisitor, Brigand (Dudester)
  • profiles updated 02/26/2013 - Minor Buff Fixes
    • Pally, Gudardian, Shadowknight, Illusionist, Defiler (Dudester)
  • new profiles added 02/13/2013
    • Guardian, Berserker, Monk, Paladin, Shadowknight, Defiler, Mystic, Inquisitor, Coercer, Illusionist, Necromancer, Conjuror, Warlock, Wizard, Brigand, Dirge, Troubador, Beastlord (Dudester)
  • new profiles added 01/18/2013
    • Brigand, Coercer, Dirge, Inquisitor, and Mystic (snipermagnet)
  • new profiles added 10/29/2012
    • Coercer (Garp74) -- thanks!
  • new profiles added 08/11/2012
    • Brigand (snipermagnet), Dirge (snipermagnet), Mystic (snipermagnet), Illusionist (Hollow), Necromancer(updated)(Hollow) -- thanks guys!
  • new profiles added 08/08/2012
    • Paladin (jgarza00), Fury (jgarza00), Templar (jgarza00), Conjuror (jgarza00), Illusionist (jgarza00), Wizard (dudester), Warlock (dudester), Troubador (jgarza00) -- thanks guys!
  • new profiles added 04/14/2012
    • Monk (Orwak), Inquisitor (Orwak), Beastlord (Ali), Beastlord (Orwak) -- thanks!