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Related to how Ogrebot handles Aliases. What is an Alias? An Alias is used to indicate or identify a character. For example, we may want buff and heal our tank, with various abilities. If we change our tank, or rename our tank, you would need to change every entry. If we use an alias, we only need to update the alias.

Types of Aliases

Any alias that starts with '@', for example: @Me, is a built-in Alias. This means Ogrebot will automatically determine what it means. You can't modify it. Any alias that starts with '*', for example: *MimicryTarget, is a user defined alias, and can be modified on the Alias tab. Any alias that starts with 'Pet:', for example: Pet:Kannkor, is referring to the pet owned by the player name Kannkor. Any alias without a prefix, for example: Kannkor, is a player in your group or raid. (These aren't really aliases... since it just means that player, but here to describe all scenarios).

@ - Built-in Aliases

  • @Me
    • The character that you are current on.
  • @Group
    • Where possible, refers to each player in the group, individually. A good example is healing. You could set a heal if any player drops below 50% health for @Group. It would actually check each player to see if any were under 50%
    • This has to be specifically supported to function.
  • @Raid
    • See @Group, but does the entire raid.
  • @NotSelfGroup
    • See @Group, except it does NOT check you, whereas @Group does check you.
  • @PCTarget
    • Refers to a Player (PC), that you have targeted. Be direct target, or implied target (Target's target).
  • @Tank
    • Refers to a fighter in the group.
  • @Bard
    • Refers to a bard in the group.
  • @Enchanter
    • Refers to an enchanter in the group.
  • @Healer-6
    • Refers to healers in the group.
    • Order of priority is: Shaman, druid, cleric, shaper (channeler).
    • If more than one of the same archetype exists, such as 2 shaman in the group, it is random which will be @Healer1 and which will be @Healer2. However if you have a shaman and a druid, the shaman will always be @Healer1 and druid always @Healer2, because of the priority. If your group has a druid and channeler, @Healer1 would be druid, and @Healer2 would be channeler.
  • @DPS1-6
    • Refers to 'DPS' in the group.
    • Order of priority is: Sorcerer, predator, animalist (beastlord), summoner, rogue.
    • If more than one of the same archetype exists... See @Healer1-6 for how it works.

What if I don't like your priority order for built-in aliases

Not everyone is going to agree with the order I used, and that's okay. Because the built-in aliases were designed for a standard group make up of: Tank, bard, enchanter, priest1, priest2, DPS. If you wish to make an abnormal group, then you can use the built-in aliases as they function, or simply create your own on the Alias tab. This way you can set any alias to any character name of your choosing!

P.S. Extremely large donations will also make me change the priority order to make you happy! :)

Colours of Built-in Aliases

If a built-in Alias is red, it means at this very moment, that alias doesn't have anyone attached to it.

For example, if you were in a group with no tank, @Tank would be red. You are welcome to add it to your profile, but it won't be used until a tank joins your group.

Checking the value of your aliases

On the 'Aliases' tab in Ogrebot, there is a button at the bottom: "Display Aliases". This will display all the known aliases to the console. If an aliases isn't there, that's because Ogrebot can't find a match.