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Note: This page is new, and needs everything added. Until then... it's kind of a mess, but the information is here none the less..

Select Window


(01:19:51){20579ms}[OgreBot]: Select_Window -> [#2] Spore Shooter
(01:19:51){20579ms}[OgreBot]: Select_Window -> [#3] Snow Spore Shooter

Using the above spew, you can use either the # or the value. For example, these both do the same thing.
OgreBotAPI:Select_Window[all,"Snow Spore Shooter"]
By default, it is an exact match (string.Equal). If you'd like it to be a substring search (string.Find), you can do so with -substring. For example, this would work also.
If in a script, you want to know if an option exists, you can do that also.
${OgreBotAPI.Select_Window_GetOption["Snow Spore Shooter"]}
Will return 0 if not found, or the # in which it's found.
You will notice the numbering starts at 2, that's because 1 is the template in EQ2UIPage, so it's never used.
The Select_Window_GetOption uses the same code, so you can use the same switches.
${OgreBotAPI.Select_Window_GetOption["-substring","Snow"]} is valid, and returns 3
From a script outside of Ogrebot, you can call the function directly if you wish, to get a return value if it believes it was successful via:
call OgreBotAPI.Select_Window <ForWho> <Args>
This will return an int, -1 if ForWho wasn't for them, 0 if ForWho was for them, but it did not complete (likely the option doesn't exist), or > 0 with which option was selected.
For testing, if you add "-test" to any of the Args, it will select the option but NOT hit the OK button, so you can confirm things are working, without it completing the window, such as: 
That selects Snow Spore Shooter, but does not hit "OK"
For debugging, add `"-Debug"`, and it will output some basic information to the console that should help with debugging.
OgreConsole commands exist also: -Select_Window_AP and -Select_Window_Spew_AP
A reminder: The `AP` stands for all parameters, meaning it will consume all parameters, and it cannot be stacked (this has to be done so it can read the -flags)
Example: oc !c -Select_Window_AP all "Snow Spore Shooter"