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This page is for other smaller Ogre scripts to be compiled. As I run across them I will add them.

Ogre TransmuteSalvageExtract

  • Alias: ogre tse
  • A custom version of ogre transmute with settings specifically to how Kannkor likes them.
  • * level 101 + weapons = extract
  • * level 96-100 = salvage
  • * (everything else) = transmute

Ogre export_information

Just documenting this command exists - will pop up the 'export for you' window

Ogre PoM_Drifter

  • Start this script in Plane of Magic near the first teleporter. It will take over and run you to each other teleporter in PoM getting you the Plane of Magic Drifter Achievement and all teleporters will be unlocked from then on for you.

Ogre Examine

  • This is a very short, no server call script that will examine every detrimental you get ONCE. If you close a detrimental down, it will not reopen it again (until you restart the script). So you can close down any unwanted detrimentals while keeping any useful and future ones opening.
  • Note: It will not examine res sickness... I think we all know what that does... Especially freedo.

Ogre GetQuest

  • This script was built for repeatables to get the desired quest to run when NPC gives you random quests. Really helpful when running entire groups and you need them all on the same quest.
    • To Start: 'ogre getquest'
    • To End: 'ogre end getquest'
  • Supported NPCs:
    • Aleesia - Zou'Lidelas Faction - will keep running until it gets the scumleech slugs for Culling the Time Away
    • Wu Gang - Disciples of the Circling Destiny Faction - will keep running until it gets the Gruengachs slugs for Defending Ning Yun Retreat

Ogre Quest Helper

  • This script was built for questing in Obolus Frontier where quest taking is tricky with needing to choose certain responses and actually read the text. This script allows you to hail the NPC and it will help take you through the dialogues.
    • To Start: 'ogre qh'
    • To End: 'ogre end qh'
  • Current Lines Handled:
    • Updated November 2017 to handle the new Planes of Prophecy Signature and House YRZU faction timeline!
    • Handles Brother Lika in Mara for Tower of the 4 Winds Access with standard QH
  • Recently updated to take a parameter of 1 for older quest content where all first options are the only response needed.
    • To Start: 'ogre qh 1'
    • To End: 'ogre end qh'

HUD to display CB/Pot/Fervor at its highest.

  • Super simple HUD dsiplays and tracks CB/Pot/Fervor. This is very useful to see what your toon is maxing out on during combat. You have to end it to get it to reset.
    • To Start: 'ogre cbpot'
    • To End: 'ogre end cbpot'

Kunark Ascending Weekly Crafting Mats from Guild Hall

  • This script that pulls the mats from a depot and uses the fuel merchant to gather everything you need to do the Kunark Ascending weekly crafting quests.
  • Parameters:
    • No parameters = -d -w OR: ogre KACraftingMats -d -w
      • Gets weekly and daily quest mats
    • ogre KACraftingMats -d
      • Gets daily quest mats only
    • ogre KACraftingMats -w
      • Gets weekly quest mats only

Ogre To House/GH and back

  • Completely unsupported script, but still useful while its functioning
  • To House from Guild Hall
    • To Run: 'ogre GHToHouse'
    • To End: 'ogre end GHToHouse'
  • To Guild Hall from House
    • To Run: 'ogre HouseToGH'
    • To End: 'ogre end HouseToGH'

These are for moving massive quantities from a Guild depot to a house depot, or from a house depot to a guild depot. It is extremely efficient and fast.

  • You must have a magic door to GH in your house.
  • You must have a "Portal to Housing" in your GH to get to your house.
    • If you are using someone elses house, you need to have access to that house (duh :) ).
  • The depots in both the GH and the house must be accessible from where you "zone in". (Just have them next to your door for this).
  • Both scripts accept the following arguments.
    • -all
      • Does all the depots.
    • The below either does, or doesn't do the ____ depot.
      • -fuel
      • -nofuel
      • -collect
      • -nocollect
        • This is for collectibles. -collectible and -nocollectible work also.
      • -potion
      • -nopotion
      • -lore
      • -nolore
      • -food
      • -nofood
      • -adorn
      • -noadorn
      • -ammo
      • -noammo
      • -harvest
      • -noharvest
    • Name of the person's house you wish to use. If omitted, it uses your own house.
  • Example usage:
    • 'ogre HouseToGH -fuel -adorn -potion'
      • This would move everything from the Fuel depot, adornment depot, and potion depot in "my" house to the guild depots.
    • 'ogre GHToHouse -all -noharvest Kannkor'
      • This would move everything from all the depots EXCEPT the harvest depot from the Guild hall to "Kannkor's house".