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New User Walkthrough - Page 1: Introduction

Welcome to Ogrebot!

For contact information, see Contact Information

ISXOgre: Getting Started

Getting the subscription and setting up an account.

Getting the file.

  • When you signed up, you should have got the link in your email. Here it is again incase you don't have the email.
  • ISXOgre.dll (Built for current Innerspace Version: ISXDK35):
  • To obtain the install file, click the link above and choose "Save As" and save the file into your /innerspace/extensions/ISXDK35/ folder.
  • When you save the file, make sure the file name is EXACTLY "ISXOgre.dll". If there is anything else, such as "ISXOgre (2).dll" it will not work.

Setting up Innerspace


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