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Did you know...

This section is dedicated to random pieces of information.

Q: Who is the author of OgreBot?

A: Me - Kannkor. There have been times when others have provided small snippits for me to use, but in the grand scheme, OgreBot itself is 100% me.

Note: Worth noting: Noob536, Valerian, CyberTech and a few others who wish to remain nameless were a huge part in helping me setup many aspects of ISXOgre. Including but not limited too: authentication, embedding, auto-patching, and much more.

Q: Why is everything called "Ogre"?

A: In Everquest 1 I played an Ogre. A few RL friends started calling me Ogre in RL, and still do. So I just used that name.

Q: What about Kannkor?

A: Again, back in Everquest 1, when I started playing the second (or third?) time, I played a Frog. My name was Kannkor Sore. Name is quite unique so it's generally easy to get any where I go, so I stuck with it.

Q: How "big" is OgreBot?

A: OgreBot it made up of a few threads (scripts that run at the same time, like casting and movement), and many includes. There are over 200 files that are on the auto-patcher for example (although not 100 are for OgreBot, some are for OgreHarvest for example). The main OgreBot script is 40,000 lines of code. The main UI (User Interface) for OgreBot is around 7,000 lines of code.

Q: What editor do you use?

A: Up until recently (2010) I used Notepad. No, not Notepad++, good old regular Notepad. Then I switched to VS2008 for 2 reasons. 1) I have many automated tasks that run on some files, so they are already included in my project. 2) I can have all the Ogre files from different directories showing in alphabetical order, making them easy to find and edit files. A: Updated: I now use UltraEdit for the actual editing of the files, because there is a syntax file. I still have the files I need to perform tasks included in Visual Studios.

Q: How old is OgreBot?

A: It was started around 2007. I didn't start making backup copies of it until early 2008. In 03/2008, OgreBot was 1500 lines of code - it clearly didn't do as much as it does today.

Q: What other secret scripts are you hiding?

A: Well, if I told you, they wouldn't be a secret now would they? With the release of OgreBot, I would say 90% of all the scripts I use, are in the "public". There are some that aren't anything special. For example, some repeatable quest for faction I had to do, required you to talk to a guy, zone, pick up 3 items, zone, and turn it in. So I wrote a script for it. All my scripts are written from scratch. Including an adventure bot, harvest bot, navigation lib, navigation mapper, OgreCraft, and many others.

Q: What do you look like?

A: 100% pure sexy. Sexy PICs (Safe for work)

Q: How many variables does OgreBot use?

A: As odd as this will sound, for ease of coding, it has over 600 script level and global variables. Many less and doing UI overhauls would be a nightmare. For example, I was able to remove a TabControl and change each tab to frames, without having to change a single line of code in OgreBot (I obviously had to add in frame hides/shows in the UI, but that was minimal).

Q: Is there a limit to how many abilities I can have in a list box?

A: [Old Answer]: Sort of. You can put as many as you want into a list box, however only 200 per listbox will be loaded. If someone truly needs more than 200 in a single list box, I can increase it.

A: [Updated Answer]: There is no longer a limit. In.. 2014 (I think) there was a huge consolidation of tabs into what is now called "Cast Stack". When this was done, along with a lot of other back end changes, it now reads until there is no more to read. Thus it is nearly limitless. (There are always limits, but more than likely it's thousands, if not millions).