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Ogre Ascension Daily Task



With the release of Kunark's Ascending expansion, we have a daily task that we have to complete. Every 18 hours you need to hail an NPC and get an ascension scroll. This script will assist with doing so.

To load OgreADT: ogre adt

To end OgreADT: ogre end adt


At this time, the following are required for the script to work properly.

  • Must be in a guild, that has a Nye'Caelona statue that ports you to Nye'Caelona.
  • Must have a map that can navigate. If you want to use a custom map, I recommend starting with the map provided then adding to it.
  • Ogre ADT no longer changes your ascension class. It handles it in the following ways:
    • If you are within hail range of a trainer that YOU CURRENTLY ARE FOLLOWING, it will use that trainer. For example: If you are a geomancer, you have to be standing next the geomancer master.
    • If you follow Geomancer or Etherealist, you will run on over to your master and get your scroll.
    • If you follow Elementalist or Thaumaturgist, then you chose the path of most resistance. These two require the following:
      • Need to be able to evac OR have a (or a stack of) "Totem of Escape" in your inventory OR have the totems in your depot in the guild hall. They will grab a stack (100) any time they are out.

Filling out the UI

Manage lists - In the top left is a button "Manage Lists". Clicking that will open up Ogre List Manager.

Reload lists - If you used the Manage list button above, you will need to reload the data once you are done. Reload lists button does this. Refreshes the Saved Lists.

List Boxes

  • Saved Lists
  • Saved -> Toon List
    • When you select a list from the 'Saved Lists', it will show the toons in that list.
  • Active Toon List
    • This is the list Ogre Ascension Daily Tasks will use.
  • **Legend**
    • Literally a colour legend. Just to show what the colours mean in the list boxes.

Buttons (on the bottom)

  • Add to Active Toon list
    • When you select a single toon from the 'Save -> Toon list', it will add that toon to the 'Active Toon List'.
  • Add all to Active Toon List
    • Will add every toon in the 'Save -> Toon List' to the 'Active Toon List'.
  • Run Active Toon List
    • Runs the active toon list. Note: Once you start it running, it will stay running until you stop it. (More information in Usage section).
  • CANCEL Running
    • You can't see it, but when you click Run Active Toon List, it changes to Cancel Running. This tells the script to stop once it has completed the current toon.
  • Clear all errors
    • If something happened previously while it was running and it was unable to complete that toon, it will error that toon out. Once you have resolved whatever error was happening, you need to clear out the error. This will clear them out for all toons in the 'Active Toon List'.
  • Clear List
    • Wipes out the list.

The big empty space on the right

  • Plan is to use it to show data about characters when you click on them. Such as why it error-ed (if it did). How long/what time they can do their next daily task if already completed for the day, etc.


Fill out the Active Toon List, and click 'Run Active Toon List' button and watch the magic.

You can add to the Active Toon List while it is running. You do not need to stop it.

While the script is running (IE: You've clicked Run Active Toon List), it will continue to run until you have clicked CANCEL Running. This means it will log in any toon in the list when they are able to complete their ascension. If you leave it running for 24 hours, it would then continue the cycle, without you ever touching it. Do keep in mind, it does not check to see if you have any toons logged in, so it would likely fail to login if you are on your characters.


If a toon isn't able to complete the daily task, an error message is generated for that toon. You can view the error message in the UI by clicking on their name in a list box. It will show the error on the right side.

If you try to run it without an ascension class, you will get the following message:

  • Unable to determine ascension class. Choose your ascension class first.

If you are not near the OF portal item ( Cae'Dal Star ), it will try to move you to it using ogre move. If this is the case, make sure you have your guild hall properly mapped out or open so it doesn't need a map.


This has pretty extensive error checking and logging. If you have a problem I will need the exact error out message, and likely need you to test some things.

If this script believes a toon should be able to get a scroll, but one is not available, it will try again in an hour. (Such as, you did it manually on a patch day). Or if this is the first time you've run it on that toon, they would be marked as 'NO DATA AVAILABLE', which is fine, it just has to determine when you did it last, and it does that by checking every hour until it succeeds.

    • Updated to 18 hours from the 22 it was originally at KA launch, in line with Game Update.

Colour Legend

  • Blue 'AVAILABLE' - Means the last time they got a scroll was over 24 hours ago and are eligible to get a new scroll.
  • Green 'COMPLETED' - Means they have got a scroll within the last 24 hours and is NOT eligible to get a new scroll yet.
  • Red 'ERROR' - Means that character had an error the last time they tried to get a scroll, and will be skipped until the error is cleared.
  • White 'NO DATA AVAILABLE' - Means the bot has no data about this character and will assume they are 'AVAILABLE'.


AscensionDailyTask Populated.PNG

Just an example of a populated screen.

  • KannkorDPS - Is eligible to get a scroll.
  • KannkorTank - Is not eligible to get a scroll because he has completed it within the last 24 hours.
  • PrimalzDecorator - Has error-ed out and will be skipped until you fix the error and 'Clear all errors'.

CLI Options

Added the following CLI options.

  • -list | -l <Listname>
    • Adds the entire list provided to 'Active Toon List'
      • Example: 'ogre adt -l KannkorToons'
  • -toon | -t <toonname>
    • Adds the specificed toon to 'Active Toon List'
      • Example: 'ogre adt -t Kannkor'
  • -norun

If you pass any parameters to ogre adt, it will automatically start when you load it. If you do not wish for this to happen, pass -norun.

Note: If you 'ogre adt', it will continue to not automatically start. Only if you use -list or -toon.

All of these are stackable.

Example: 'Ogre adt -list KannkorToons -list PrimalzToons -toon EyedeaRanger -toon KyewMonkhaha -norun' This would load the list named "KannkorToons", then add the list "PrimalzToons", then add the toon "EyedeaRanger", then add the toon "KyewMonkhaha", then specify to not run the list.

Now shows OgreConsole on load

P.S. Yes, I colour outside the lines.