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Unfixable bugs


This page has information to known bugs that have no plans to be fixed. Reason why is given.

  • Dragoon reflexes only works if you have 30 or less MAINTAINED effects on you. For example: When the tank has buffs that proc off damage (like Defiler Tendris of Horror and Invective), if I pull 10+ mobs, that will put me over 30 maintained effects. If Dragoon reflexes is cast (manually, or by the bot), it can't see that dragoon reflexes is up, so it will cast an ability and break Dragoon reflexes.
  • On the interface, if you have a class specific tab, it is all lower case, such as "defiler". Since it reads this from in-game and that is how it is in-game, it won't ever be grammatically correct (Defiler). Yes, I know this bothered you too!