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Main Overview

Ogre Experiment Main.png

  • Will experiment on an item or multiple items.

Importent Info

  • Must have Experiment AA.
  • Crafting window adjusts size for multiple reasons there is a "Reset TS UI Size" button if this screws up.
  • Must be on Innerspace Build ( 6535 ) or above for this to work.

UI Overview

Below are all the instructions of how the UI works.

Items List

  • UI Overview
    • This lists all items that can be experimented on.
      • This also lists stuff from inside your bank.
  • UI Interaction
    • Leftclick an item you want to experiment on.
      • ctrl + Leftclick to select multiple items.

Choose Stats

  • UI Overview
    • This allows you to choose what stats you want to experiment into the item.
      • Leave blank if you do not want it to use one. Will register as None in the final lists window.
  • UI Interaction
    • Select stat from dropdown per stat round.

Final List

  • UI Overview
    • Lists items you want to experiment on with said stats you want to use.
    • UI Interaction
      • Rightclick to remove an item from this list.

Start "Button"

  • UI Interaction
    • Starts the experiment process.

Close "Button"

  • UI Interaction
    • Closes the experiment script.

Reset TS UI Size "Button"

  • UI Interaction
    • Resets the in game crafting window to default size.