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ogre info

Ogre Auth.png

  • To load this UI, type the following into the console:
    • ogre info


  • Your Ogrebot username (stored in ISXOgre.xml)


  • Your Ogrebot password (stored in ISXOgre.xml)

Use old UI

  • Loads a the login UI with more options (currently 'Use Old Skin' was added). This will switch back to the "eq2" skin instead of the "eq2ogre" skin.

Always Patch

  • When checked: Force the extension to check for new patches every time it's loaded, even if it's already patch during that session.
  • When unchecked (current behavior): Extension will only check for a new patch when initially loaded, and not again if it's unloaded and reloaded during that session.

Patch on all sessions

  • When checked: All sessions will try to patch when they are loaded.
  • When unchecked: Only IS1 (first session to be loaded) will try to patch.

Delete awesomium_process

  • When checked: ISXOgre will remove awesomium_process. NOTE: This will cause a memory leak that eventually leads to a crash.
  • When unchecked (current behavior): ISXOgre will not remove this extra process for those wishing to use the in-game browser.

Delete SOE crash reporter

  • Deletes the soe/dbg crash reporter so you do not upload crashes due to Innerspace.

Do not load ogre console on load

  • Does not load ogre console on load

Force full screen

  • Puts your window into full screen mode.

Skip Innerspace Version Checks

  • will stop ogre from checking your innerspace version upon load forever.
    • This is not recommended due to new Innerspace code being used in scripts.