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Main Overview

Main Ogre Infuse.png


  • Allows you to Infuse equiped gear with infusers and plat.


  • Add items you want to infuse to list of items to infuse ( via Doubleclick, All Items, Add via Resolve )
  • Check what infusers you want to use.
  • Check Plat infuse if you want to Plat infuse.
  • Hit Start to start infusing.


Example: ogre infuse -addall -plat -start -end

  • -addall ( Adds all items to infuse list )
  • -platonly ( Checks plat and unchecks all the other infusers )
  • -plat ( Checks Plat checkbox )
  • -start ( sets it to auto start infusing )
  • -end ( ends script when done )

Changing Infusers XML

  • You can change all infusers you use with this script via editing the Infuser_Data.xml
    • File can be found "\InnerSpace\Scripts\EQ2OgreCommon\OgreInfuse"
  • If for some reason you corrupt this file you can delete it and re-patch ogre and the file will re download again