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Main Overview

Main Merchant Craft.png


  • Allows you to craft limited use recipes from the status merchant while standing at the merchant.


  • Must have 5 AA points in crafting stations tradeskill prestige tab.
  • Must have all components for the items you want to craft in your inventory.
  • Must target a merchant before you run this script.


  • to start the script ( ogre mc / ogre merchantcraft )
  • Target a merchant and then run the script.
  • Select a recipe from the recipe list.
  • Enter quantity you want to craft.
  • Check the quantity conversion is correct.

Pull Items from GH

  • Hit Update Button. ( this will poplate right side ui for you )
  • Call to GH with script still running.
  • Hit Get Items button to grab all the items you need from containers and fuel merchant.
  • Go back the the merchant.

Start Crafting

  • Hit Craft Items button to begin crafting