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Tab Summary

HireX is a script that allows you to run hirelings and deposit them into depots. You can have multiple guild halls at the same location and it will zone in and out and run the hirelings on them all. You can also have it deposit the resources into a priority order depots. This means it will fill Guild#1 first, then Guild#2, then #3 etc.

Overview of HireX

Note: HireX has not been converted to a UI (user interface). This means you will need to edit a few files for the program to work.

HireX will use the toon that you define to login into the game and send your harvesters off on their tasks. When you start Hirex you must be at the EQ2 login screen (It takes two hours for the harvesters to gather their harvests. Hirex will log your defined toon out of the game during those two hours and take you back to the EQ2 login screen) Once the two hours is complete HireX will log your toon back into the game, retrieve your resources and deposit them into your harvest depot. The program will then rinse and repeat the process.

Login Scene Page Settings

You will need to update the login page that Everquest2.exe uses so that all the user information is empty when the page comes up. To do this; Browse to the directory /scripts/EQ2OgreCommon/ in there you will see a file called "eq2ui_loginscene.xml" copy this file to your Everquest 2 UI folder

For example: If you use the ProfitUI then you would copy it to /EverQuest II/UI/ProfitUI/

Note: If you are not sure which folder you to copy it to? You can check which UI Everquest 2 is using by opening the eq2.ini file in your main Everquest 2 directory. (it may be called eq2_recent.ini).

Once you have the file open, find the line that looks like this: cl_ui_subdir UI/ and find this line: cl_ui_skinname test

In this example, my path is: /EverQuest II/UI/test/ so I would save the file there.

◦Important Note: If you use ProfitUI, each time you update it may overwrite this file. If this happens ask in IRC #Ogre for help.

EQ2Char Page Settings

If you have not setup your EQ2Char page with your login name and password you will need to do this. Instructions to do this can be found here: Setting up EQ2Chars.inc

Guild Hall Permission Settings

Zone into each of your Guild Halls, Right Click on you Guild Hall Door and choose Access.

Once the Housing Window opens Select the Access Tab. There are a couple of adjustments to make on this page. First type in the name of the toon that will do your harvesting, from the drop down pick Visitor then press set.

On that same page you will see a setting for "Public Access Level" set this to "None" (You do not want anyone coming into your guild hall because they would have access to your harvesters and will see your bot logging in and out.)

Now click on the Amenities Tab: and set the Access Level for all of your harvesters AND your harvest depot to Visitor.

HireX Settings

  • Rename the file: innerspace/scripts/EQ2OgreCommon/OgreHireling/blank.EQ2OgreHirelingXData.inc and remove the blank. It should end up like this. innerspace/scripts/EQ2OgreCommon/OgreHireling/EQ2OgreHirelingXData.inc
  • Now Edit the file you renamed (same one as above, innerspace/scripts/EQ2OgreCommon/OgreHireling/EQ2OgreHirelingXData.inc)
    • Add your toon name that will be doing the hirelings.
      • Example: ToonName:Set[Toonnamehere] ----> ToonName:Set[PutYourToonNameHere]
    • Add in your guild hall names.
      • Example: GuildHallName[${X:Inc}]:Set[PutYourFirstGuildNameHere]
      • Example: GuildHallName[${X:Inc}]:Set[PutYourSecondGuildNameHere]
      • As it says in the file, you can continue to add as many guilds as you wish.
    • Save the file and close it.

HireX Requirements

  • All guild halls must be at 1 location. This means you can not have 1 guild in Qeynos and 1 in Freeport. You also can not have 1 guild in North Qeynos and 1 in South Qeynos.
  • All hirelings must be within reach from where you land when you zone into a guild hall.
  • Your toon must have LOS (line of sight) on your hirelings. This means you can't be looking at the floor. It truely is YOUR LOS.
  • All depots must be usable from where you land when you zone into a guild hall. You must be within 11.5 meters from the depot.
  • The toon must ONLY BE A VISITOR. If they are a trustee of the guild hall, you will get a window when trying to enter a guild hall with the option to "Enter". There is currently no way of clicking it. If you are a VISITOR of a guild hall, this screen doesn't pop up, you simply zone in.

Running HireX

Once everything above has been setup you are ready to run HireX. It does not matter where your toon is when you start HireX as long as it is next to the guildhall entrance outside or inside one of the guild halls you should be fine.

To run HireX open ISXEQ2 console by pressing your ` key

  • Syntax: ogre hirex [tier number] [optional parameters]

Example: Ogre Hirex 10 -h-d

To let HireX determine what harvests you need you can use tier 0. This allows hirex determine your harvest needs based on what it finds in your first depot in guild hall 1

Example: Ogre hirex 0 -all

  • Logs in the hirex toon, and goes into GH#1, it checks the depot to see which tier of resources are needed then sets them specifically. It ONLY checks Guildhall#1. If you don't need anymore resources (20k on all tiers), it will default to the max tier (10), Once all halls are filled the -all switch deletes any remaing raws on the toon

HireX Tier Levels & Options

  • Options may NOT have a space. They are not case sensitive.
  • Defaults are -h-d
  • Optional parameters
    • -all = tells hirex to use the hirelings, deposit the raws, and delete anything that doesn't fit into any depot Example usage: ogre hirex 0 -all
    • -0 = means to harvest the lowest resource of each type
    • -h = Hirelings - Do the hirelings
    • -d = Depot - Deposit into supply depots
    • -n = No loop - Means run it once and exit the script (as opposed to running every 2 hours)
    • -r = remove (destroy) raws, this will fill all your depots then delete any remaining raws in your toons bags. Toon will visit every guild hall trying to fill the depots, after the last depot he will delete any remaining raws in his bags.

Note: While it is coded to ONLY delete raws, I don't recommend you use this script on a real toon with valuable items. Most people have a junk toon that they use for running hirex harvests. If an item gets deleted by mistake, it's not my issue and you have been warned.

Overflow and Auto-Delete Extra Raws

1. If for some reason your toon harvests to many resources and fills up its overflow area; you can use Ogre Overflow to remove the items from Overflow and put them into his empty bags.

Example Usage: Ogre Overflow

2. Once Overflow finishes running you will see the items have been moved from overflow into your toons bags. Now you can delete them by running HireX with the -r option. HireX will zone into every guild hall trying to put the raws into depots after it finishes the last guildhall it will delete any remaining raws on your toon.

Example: ogre hirex 0 -r (the 0 is required because it's an old script that hasn't been converted to use an .. Arg system)

  • Note: WARNING While it is coded to ONLY delete raws, I don't recommend you use/run this script on a real toon. If an item gets deleted by mistake, it's not my issue. Most people use a low level toon trash toon for their HireX needs.