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Othmir Faction

The Othmir script is a collection of scripts that will assist with two things:

  • Script will run the Daily Repeatable Quests.
  • Script will run Part of the Othmir Faction quest line beginning with
    • Aqua in the Great Divide at Loc: -1600, -539, -2372
    • Quest Name: Welcome to Velious (87)
  • And ending with
    • Rui in the Great Divide at Loc: -1573, -536, -2412
    • Quest Name: A Feather on the Sea (87)

Note Once he traps the Seagulls the script ends and you need to go hail Rui.

Note: This script is NOT supported or maintained. It will not work perfectly for everyone. Feel free to edit it yourself (othmir.iss).

Note: If using ISBoxer with several windows open you may need to exit all windows and bring up just one default EQ2 instance for the script to work.



  • Ignore NPC Health 100% to be checked.
  • Loot to be checked


  • Ensure you have loot rights in EQ2


ogre othmir <Parameter1> <Parameter2>

* Parameter1: Choose ONE of 2 options:

  • repeat - Does only the daily repeatable quest.
  • start - Starts the beginning of the Othmir faction quest line.

* Parameter2: Choose ONE of 2 options:

  • 1
    • Does the 1st, then 2nd repeatable daily quests.
    • Does the first few quests in the Othmir faction quest line in Great Divide, then a few more quests in the Othmir faction quest line in Great Divide.
  • 2
    • Only does the 2nd repeatable quest from Narp in Great Divide .
    • Only does the 2nd set of the starter faction quests in Great Divide.

Starting Othmir Quest Line

If you have never started this quest or have only started the first couple quests items in the quest line:

  1. Go to Great Divide: stand at bottom of the Lodi ramp (Loc: -1598, -538, -2372)
  2. Run the Script, Example: Ogre Othmir Start 1
  • Note: You must not have the quest line started at all. (I already did the first couple quests and it ran for me so it may work if you have started part of the quest so give it a try.)
  • Step 1 - Begins with Aqua
  • Step 2 - Begins with Rui

Repeatable Faction Quests

With the Epic 2.0 this is now repeatable indefinitely. The new update allows you to run this and it will loop until you stop it.

  1. Stand next to Runt in GD Loc: -1373, -534, -2146
  2. Run the Script: Ogre Othmir
  3. End the Script: Ogre End Othmir