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Ogre Proving Grounds: The Underdepths


Completes the solo Proving Grounds The Underdepths zone in 12 minutes.


  • Characters level 100 or higher. Gear doesn't matter. Completely naked characters will work fine.
  • Have these characters zone into the Proving Grounds Lobby, and camp them out there.



  • To load the interface:
    • ogre pg_ud

Additional supported parameters

  • You can add a single character to the list with -t toonname.
    • ogre pg_ud -t kannkor
  • You can add an entire list automatically with -l listname.
    • ogre pg_ud -l PG_KannkorsAccount
  • If you use -t or -l, it will automatically start running the list. If you wish for this NOT to happen, you can -nostart
    • ogre pg_ud -l PG_KannkorsAccount -nostart
  • You can prevent the listbox from sorting alphabetically, with -ns (stands for no sorting). The listbox will be in order in which you entered them into list manager. (Lets be honest, this is here for primalz only :P)
    • ogre pg_ud -ns
  • You can stack as many of these commands and in any order you see fit.
    • ogre pg_ud -l PG_KannkorsAccount -nostart -t FredFlinestone -l PG_PrimalzAccount -ns
      • This would load the list "PG_KannkorsAccount", set it to not start automatically, add the character "FredFlinestone", add the list "PG_PrimalzAccount", and not sort the list. Whew.

Bugs and Oddities

  • Most of these bugs are EXTREMELY rare, but worth mentioning.
  • By the 3rd named (I think), is a big center thing with a lip on it. Depending on the characters model size, the character has a chance of getting stuck. The bot will be able to make it over this lip 99% of the time. However if you run this enough, at some stage, you'll get a character that manages to stub his toe and get stuck. Just pause Ogrebot, manually jump over the ledge, then hit resume.
  • When running across the bridge on the first floor, there are drakes that can knock you around. If you happen to get a double or triple knockback, it can knock you behind a pillar and you'll be stuck. Pause Ogrebot, and see if you can get yourself out. If you do, resume and continue. If you can't, exit the PG.
  • On the first floor, there is a chance it misses a monster preventing you from getting to the second floor. If this happens just clear the error and it will restart the zone.