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Main Overview


  • Making a List of Gear to Reforge.
  • Load UI with Command: ogre reforge
  • Step 1
    • Choose the stat you want to reforge into.
    • ORStep1.PNG

  • Step 2
    • Enter the stat amount you want to reach.
    • ORStep2.PNG
    • Click the Add To List Below button.
    • Repeat steps 1&2 until your list is complete with desired stat results.

  • Step 3
    • Choose the stats you're ok with reforging out of.
    • Enter the lowest amount you're ok reducing that stat to.
    • ORStep3.PNG

  • Step 4
    • Click add to List Below button.
    • Repeat steps 3&4 until your list is complete with minimum amounts for each stat you're ok with changing.
    • ORStep4.PNG

  • Step 5
    • Once you have finished adding all desired settings, you can click Save List to create a custom list for a toon, or group of toons that will all use the same stats. This will open a name box for you to enter a custom name.
    • Enter a name for the List in the Textbox at bottom right of image. ( Try not to use Spaces or special characters when choosing a name for the List )
    • Once you have Chosen a name for the List Hit the Save button to save the List to the xml for use later.
    • Once you have Saved the List use the Close button to exit the script.
    • ORSaveList.PNG

  • Defaults
    • Alternatively, there are 2 default predefined lists already saved in Ogre Reforge. Default and Default Fighter. These are normally pretty good templates to start with, and/or tweak to your preferences.
    • ORLoadList.PNG

  • Default Stats
    • OReforgeDefault.PNG

  • Default Fighter Stats
    • OReforgeDefaultFighter.PNG