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Ogre Affilates scripting information and compilation with links to forum

Ogre Affiliates

Over the years, people have asked me if they could write scripts and have me release them for them inside of Ogre. My response was generally the same. If someone puts in the effort to make a quality script, I will include it on the patcher and give them credit. I needed some way of including all of this inside of Ogre, because I think many people will enjoy this collection. That's where I came up with OgreAffiliates. To distinguish between scripts I have written and others, I made a new command to load these.

  • For all "Ogre" scripts, you use: ogre <name>. Such as: ogre export. Likewise **to end an Ogre script, you use: ogre end export.
  • For any affiliate, you will use: ogrea <name>. Such as: ogre AutoQuest. **Likewise to end an affiliate script, you will use: ogrea end AutoQuest.

All files involved in OgreAffiliates will be reviewed by me. The primary things I am looking for are all safety related. Nothing "fishy" going on, like touching or modifying any files. Making sure there are no bad "server calls" (generally speaking when you spam the server like a bot), and things of the like. What I am NOT directly checking for, is the raw functionality of the script. However, I'll provide feedback on things I see that could improve functionality/readability etc.

All support for these files will be handled primarily by the person who wrote them, not me. I'd recommend making a post either on these forums in the General section, or on ISXGames forums under "OgreBot" section, or come to IRC and ask in #Ogre channel.

Gathered from Forum Post by Kannkor on Ogre Affiliates

AutoQuest By: Pork

ogrea AutoQuest Author: Pork

Brings up a UI with 3 options, Yzru, Pakiat, and Vahla faction. Select the one you want to run and hit start. If there are any things it wants you to do prior to starting it, it will tell you (such as having a stack of Otter potions and have them on autoconsume).

It will then complete the entire faction line.

This is Pork's thread related to his AutoQuest Line