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  • Exports are now read in the new format: Toon_class_server_AbilityExport.xml
  • This means everyone will need to run new exports.
  • If no export is found, or the export is out of date, a new window will pop up giving some basic information, and a 1-click recommendation on how to proceed.
  • In this case, the recommendations are as following:
    • If you are level 101 or higher, it recommends doing an export on all your abilities at level or below, then only exporting your level 101+ abilities that are expert or higher.
    • If you are level 100 or below, it recommends doing a regular export, that gets all the abilities.
    • You can click the button, and it will run the export(s), and reload the bot when finished. Alternatively, you can close (via the X) out of the window, then run the export yourself, then reload Ogrebot yourself.

So now that you are leveling ascensions and adding new spells, you need to export them to Ogre so it can utilize them!

  • Exports are now character specific. This means they are now saved as: Toon_class_server_AbilityExport.xml
  • List of new options.
    • -desc
      • --> Adds descriptions to the export. This is used if you want to see them in the export. Not used by Ogrebot.
    • -new
      • --> Deletes your current export and makes a new one instead of adding information. Not recommended.
    • -minlevel <level>
      • --> Sets the minimum level required for the export. For example 101 if you only wanted to export level 101 and above abilitites. Default is 0.
    • -maxlevel <level>
      • --> Sets the maximum level required for the export. For example 105 if you only wanted to export level 105 and below abilitites. Default is 999.
    • -j | -journeyman | -a | -adept | -e | -expert | -m | -master | -gm | -grandmaster | -ancient
      • --> Sets the minium required tier for the ability to be added to the export. For example if -adept is used only abilities adept or higher will be added.
    • AbilityName
      • Must be exact spelling of the entire name. You can use ability IDs also, if you know how to obtain them.
  • Note: When using -minlevel, it will EXCLUDE any ability that does not have a level, such as AA abilities. They are basically 'level 0', so putting a min value will be higher.
  • Note: Ascension abilities are all considered level 0. So the above note applies also.
  • Few random examples and what they do:
    • ogre export -master -minlevel 91 -maxlevel 100
      • Exports only abilities levels 91 to 100 (inclusive) AND that are master or above (grandmaster/ancient).
    • ogre export -adept -minlevel 101
      • Exports only abilities level 101 and above (in this case, up to level 999) that are adept or above.
    • ogre export "Incineration"
      • Exports the ability "Incineration" only. (Ascension elementalist level 12 ability, if you were wondering).
    • ogre export "Dagger Storm"
      • Exports the ability "Dagger Storm" only. This example is really just here to show you to have quote words with spaces in them.

If you pass it anything else, it will assume you passed it other flags and know what you are doing and follow those other flags (IE: do the entire thing).

If you did typo, you can stop the export with: ogre end export, then restart it with whatever you meant to do.