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Ogre Nav is replacing Ogremove going forward. Ogre Move will still exist to not break any existing scripts.

This is a rewrite the front end of Ogremove. The backend (the actual naving) remains unchanged.

Typing 'ogre nav' with no additional parameters will result in the following help message: Due to some backwards compatibility issues, the old ogre move may stay 'as is', with this new version being 'ogre nav' (or some other name). So existing scripts can function exactly as is, but new scripts could make use of the better front end.

Proper way to use ogre nav: ogre nav <options>.

Then in a script you can use: ${Script[${OgreNavScriptName}](exists)}.

  • This variable will always contain the proper name of the ogre nav running, even if I have to change it in the future.

Ogre nav has the following options:

  • -loc x y z
  • <location>. Example of a location you saved in a map: Rock
  • -tr | -targetrequired (Default)
  • -ntr | -notargetrequired
  • -p | -precision # - Sets the precision you want while it navigates. Default is 1.5
  • -ptd | -PrecisionToDestination # - Sets the precision to destination. Default is 1.5
  • -list - Displays all custom named points on a map that you can use for <location>.

These can all be stacked. For example: ogre -loc 20 -32 55 -p 2 -ptd 5 -ntr

  • --> This would use the location 20,-32,55. Would set the precision to 2, the precision to destination to 5, and set no target required.

Is also fully backwards compatible with the previous Ogremove options that were able to be used.

Ogre Nav Advanced

Command Example Description
Ogre Nav -Loc 255, 658, 1009 -p 0.5 Sets Location
-p -precision
-p 0.5 Sets Precision
-p2d -ptd -precisiontodestination
-p2d 0.5 Sets Precision to Destination
-tr -targetrequired
N/A Target Required
-ntr -notargetrequired
N/A No Target Required
N/A Forced Landing
N/A Forced Landing after Navigation
-forcelandafternav -flan -flap -fl
N/A Forced Landing after Navigation
N/A No Landing
N/A Forced Landing on map.
N/A Forced Landing after Nav on map.
N/A No Landing on map.
N/A Allows flying off Map.
-noflyoffmap -nofom
N/A No flying off Map.
N/A Ignores Line of sight check.
N/A Sets ignore line of sight setting to [FALSE]
-ignorepathing -ip
N/A Ignores pathing.
-allowpathing -ap
N/A Sets Ignore pathing to [FALSE].
-DistanceToMoveBackToPath -DTMBTP
-DTMBTP 50 Sets distance to move back to path.
-l -list
N/A Lists custome Name Locations.