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Main Overview

TempAdorns Main.PNG

  • Making a List of Adorns to Apply
  • Load UI with Command: ogre tempadorns
  • Step 1
    • Select the expansion from the dropdown menu. This will load the temporary adorns from that expansion.
    • Step1.PNG

  • Step 2
    • Select one adorn from the list that you want to add.
    • Step2.PNG

  • Step 3
    • Once you Highlight one of the adorns in Step 2, Step 3 will Load Checkbox's which that Adorn can be Applied to via eq2 slots.
    • Check the Slots you want the Adorn to be Applied to.
    • Once you have Checked all the Slots you want the Adorn to be applied to Hit the Add to List Button This will load the items into the Step 4 List.
    • Step3.PNG

  • Step 4
    • once you have finished adding all temp adorns to step 4 list.
    • Enter a name for the List in the Textbox at bottom right of image. ( Try not to use Spaces or special characters when choosing a name for the List )
    • Once you have Chosen a name for the List Hit the Save List button to save the List to the xml for use later.
    • Once you have Saved the List use the Close button to exit the script.
    • Step4.PNG

Applying Temp Adorns

  • To Load Default List Built in: ogre tempadorns auto ( Auto automatically loads 1-hander or 2-hander list depending on what you have in your Primary Slot )
    • Defaults for Chaos Descending are.
      • CB - OC
        • Head
        • Chest
        • Shoulders
        • Forearms
        • Hands
        • Legs
        • Feet
        • Primary
        • Secondary - Changes for 2 Hander
        • Ranged
      • Pot
        • Left Ring
        • Right Ring
        • Cloak
      • HP
        • Left Wrist
        • Right Wrist
        • Waist

  • To Apply your Own List: ogre tempadorns "List Name you Saved"
    • This will then Pause the Bot so you do not Cast anything and Apply the Adorns.
    • it will Spew what adorns are applying in the Console.