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  • Auto runs Listed Quest lines for you.
  • will check the quest and start from any point during the current quest.
  • Most Important Thing to remember DO NOT Run this AFK.


  • To load
    • ogrea autoquest
  • To End
    • ogrea end autoquest

Planes of Prophecy Expansion


Order to run them in

  • 1. Yrzu
  • 2. Pakiat
  • 3. Vahla
    • Reason for this is some vahla quests make you run around Pakiat and you will die to the X2s.

Chaos Descending Expansion

Tradeskill Sigline

Will auto run the entire TS sigline for you from start to finish.

Known Issues

  • Harvesting is pretty buggy due to not being able to check for any collision between terrain.
    • most people pause autoquest and do the harvesting manually and then restart autoquest to carry on.