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UPDATE! Read this!

The development build has been removed. There was just too big of a delay between the dev build and live build, and people on both TLE and live servers wanted/needed some updates. It felt like everyone was just being pushed to development build, in which case, there is no point in having two different builds.

Everyone that was on development build, will be automatically sent back to live build, and I will patch to live build going forward.

I'm keeping the below text incase this changes again in the near future.

Everything below this no longer applies

Patching with ISXOgre is completely automated. Every time you log in on IS1, the patcher checks every single file to ensure all the files are up to date.

Changing between Live and Development

There are times when I develop or change some features that need more than basic testing. I push these the development server and a group of testers do some quality assurance!

There are times where a user just 'wants that feature now' and doesn't care if there could be bugs in it. Anyone is welcome to use the development server, as long as you are aware this is where features in development end up.

Update: It should no longer kick anyone off development build. If you wish to go back to live, use the information below.

Note: You MUST have ISXOgre (ext isxogre) loaded before these commands will work.

How to patch from Live to Development:

Load a single EQ2 session on IS1. Then in the console type:


How to patch from Development to Live:

Load a single EQ2 session on IS1. Then in the console type: