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Profile Aliases

When you want 1 profile to be used by multiple people of the same class. For example, if you ran a "Main group" and a "Alt group", where both had a dirge.

The other scenario, is if you plan on using Proving Grounds and want to use the exact same profile. (Although in this scenario, it may make more sense to just use a new profile, since PG you may want to make some odd changes to your Caststack based on which abilities are currently broken vs what you would use normally, but hey, that's for you to decide, not me.)

How to View/Edit Profile Aliases

These are stored in XML in the file: innerspace/scripts/eq2ogrebot/save/EQ2_Settings.xml

You can edit this file with any text editor. You can view it with any text editor or web browser.

Proper Syntax

The proper syntax is: ToonName, followed by file name. The file name can be called anything you want. I personally recommend you give it a descriptive name for ease of use. In my case, all my files are labeled: EQ2Save_Kannkor_class.xml. For example: EQ2Save_Kannkor_Dirge.xml, for dirges, or EQ2Save_Kannkor_Coercer.xml, for coercers.

Below is a real example (other than toon names). In the below I have two dirges. One named Fred, and one named Wilma.

  • <Setting Name="Fred">EQ2Save_Kannkor_Dirge.xml</Setting>
  • <Setting Name="Wilma">EQ2Save_Kannkor_Dirge.xml</Setting>

What this does, is any time I load a character with the name "Fred" or "Wilma", they will use the file "EQ2Save_Kannkor_Dirge.xml" for their profile. (This even includes Proving Grounds).

Things to Keep in Mind

When you make any changes (and save) them, it changes them to this same file. You will want to ensure you are using aliases in Ogrebot for as much as you can. This way it will work automatically for all of your toons. A good example of this, is dirge hate buff: Hyran's Seething Sonata. I have this as a buff @Tank. The @Tank means Ogrebot will determine who the tank in the group is, regardless which Dirge you're on, and regardless of which tank you have in your group. It is also perfectly acceptable to use custom aliases to handle more complex scenarios. For example, my mage group has *MT = Rambo (my tank's name), and *MT = Rocky (my tank's name in my second raid). This way whichever raid I'm on, it will still pick up the MT in the other group in a raid situation.