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This is a little script to assist in doing the Qeynos faction part of the betrayl quest. This script requires you to be able to solo level 90 solo mobs. Some times 3 at a time.

Before you use this script for the first time you will have to make a few Ogre Adjustments.

  • Pause the Ogre Bot
    • Open your ogre bot profile for editing..
    • Click on your AutoHunt Tab and set it to match this image. Do not forget to set the scan radius to 11, try to use your fastest recast pull spells.


  • Click on your Settings Tab
    • Make it look something like this:


  • Next, Click on your Setup Tab and set everything on the top row to 100%
  • Save your new profile as Qfaction or something.

  • You are now ready to run the script
  • You can start this script from one of two locations:
    • 1. next to the bell on the Commonlands Dock or
    • 2. next to Gil in Commonlands /way -924, -47, 13

  • Before You Start the Script Make Sure Ogre Bot is Paused
  • Start the script in the console with the command ogre qfaction
  • The script will start requesting quests from Gill until it gets "Party Crashers".
  • Once you have the proper quest, the script will navigate you through zones until it reaches The Dismal Den.
  • Once in the zone, it will Un-Pause Ogre. - Unfortunately you have no waypoints setup so we need to do that now.

  • Open your Ogrebot Profile for Editing, and click on the Auto-Hunt Tab.
    • At the top right corner press the Refresh List Button.
    • From the Nav Path Drop Down add Door and Box in that order.
  • Now click "Start Movement".
  • The bot will now take care of all the fighting and clicking.
  • Once it has finished in the Dismal Den, it will head back to Gil hand in the Quest and start again with a new quest until you reach +10k Faction.