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Patch Version-209

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.05.01, Patch Version-209, OgreBot-15.091, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: OgreUIXML
  • Ogrebot
    • Brigs now cancel safehouse before camping or calling to guild hall. This should prevent them from "porting" to their target and being interupted.
    • Brigs now have [MAX] available - 5 increments for Thugs Poison.
    • Crusaders should now cast while on the move.
    • Wizard increments set to 150 for frozen solid
    • Wizard increments set to 3 for Incineration
  • OgreUIXML
    • Allowed [MAX] for Brigands
  • OgreCraft
    • Greatly reduced the chance of getting the 'don't trying to bypass the 10 writ limit' when you aren't trying too. Will pop up MORE frequently if you are trying to bypass it. :)

Patch Version-208

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.04.11, Patch Version-208, OgreBot-15.090, OgreCraft-1.026 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: OgreUIXML.xml, OgreIRCLib, skin (Eq2ogre.xml), OgreCraftMiniUIXML.XML, OgreCraftUIXML.xml, OgreCraftQueueUIXML.xml, TellWindow.xml
  • OgreBot
    • Added an on-screen display for Kradon's seething whatever. It's only approximate.
    • Changed any class specific checks to be slightly quicker (realistically it won't be noticable, but if it saves 1/10th fps!). This impacts over 500 checks.
      • Likewise, if anything that was restricted by class (like jcap etc) isn't working, let me know.
    • Smart Encounter Nukes now actually checks if mobs are part of the same encounter or not. For example...
      • You have an encounter with named with 2 adds (3 mobs total). You kill the 2 "adds" off. Throughout the fight, 2 more adds spawn (different encounter than the named)..
        • PREVIOUSLY: Ogrebot would see the named is (technically was, but still "is") part of an encounter, and see there are 3 mobs total. So if your smart encounter nukes were set to 3 or less, it would use encounter nukes on the named, until the adds were dead. Obviously not idea.
        • NOW: Ogrebot is aware they are part of a different encounter, and will not use encounter nukes. If you switch to the adds, and have smart encounter nukes set to 2 or less (since only 2 adds in the encounter) it would use encounter nukes.
    • Removed lines like: TargetType - Ability ID of AbilityIDName (Mining) not matching AbilityID (4047760577) since they weren't really needed.. it no longer verifies the ID passed and instead just returns the information requested.
    • Simplified (in code) how information about abilities is recieved from the spellexport memory. Since I changed how it all works, if anything seems "off" compared to how it was, let me know.
    • Warlock
      • Changed the following option from:
        • Use Myth Click (Turns spells into single target)
      • To:
        • Toggle Myth Click Automatically
      • If you are fighting an encounter (as per your smart encounter value), it will ensure your myth is turned off. Toggle only happens on encounter abilities.
      • If you are not fighting an encounter (as per your smart encounter value), it will turn your myth on. Toggle only happens on encounter abilities.
      • Note: It only toggles this on/off WHILE you are mid-cast. This ensures there is no "downtime" or delay associated with it.
      • I just want to remind, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to run your Warlock spell exports with the Myth buff OFF.
    • Bruiser
      • Added [MAX] increments to pulverize set to 5.
  • OgreUIXML.xml
    • Warlock
      • Changed the following option from:
        • Use Myth Click (Turns spells into single target)
      • To:
        • Toggle Myth Click Automatically
    • Bruiser
      • Added MAX Increments for pulverize
    • [MAX] on the named CA tab now only shows for classes it's coded for (just didn't do anything at all for those it wasn't coded for).
  • OgreIRCLib
  • Added -LATL as shortform -LoadAutoTargetList
  • Added -UO as shortform -UplinkOption
  • Skin (Eq2ogre.xml)
    • Changed the default size of the close button
  • OgreCraftMiniUIXML.XML, OgreCraftUIXML.xml, OgreCraftQueueUIXML.xml, Tellwindow.xml
    • Now uses the default sizes (so it's not tiny).

Patch Version-207

Seasonal Patch

Patch Version-206

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.03.31, Patch Version-206, OgreBot-15.089, OgreCraft-1.026 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: LoadMCP.iss, OgreUIXML, OgreMiniUIXML.XML, EQ2OgreOnScreenAssistantXML.xml, InGameInterface.xml, OgreMCPEditSettingsXML.xml (and the rest listed below I forgot to mention)
  • LoadMCP.iss
    • Removed console debugging
    • Updated the "X" (close) to be more appropriate.
  • Ogrebot
    • Kradon
      • Fighters really won't joust this time.
      • Scouts will auto-joust out when they get the curse.
  • OgreUIXML
    • Updated the "X" (close) on the main window.
    • Removed the "-" (minimize) on the main window (not really needed since you can hide the entire window)
  • OgreMiniUIXML
    • Updated the "X" (close) to be more appropriate.
  • EQ2OgreOnScreenAssistantXML.xml
    • Updated the "X" (close) to be more appropriate.
  • InGameInterface.xml
    • Updated the "X" (close) to be more appropriate.
  • OgreMCPEditSettingsXML.xml
    • Updated the "X" (close) to be more appropriate.
  • OgreMCPEditTextOnlyXML.xml
    • Updated the "X" (close) to be more appropriate.
  • OgreMCPEditXML.xml
    • Updated the "X" (close) to be more appropriate.
  • ProcessorLockingEditXML.xml
    • Updated the "X" (close) to be more appropriate.
  • "Ogre info"
    • Removed title bar completely.
  • EQ2OgreZoneResetXML.xml
    • Updated the "X" (close) to be more appropriate.

Patch Version-205

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.03.29, Patch Version-205, OgreBot-15.088, OgreCraft-1.026 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: EQ2OgrezoneresetXML.XML, OgreUIXML, OgreMCPEdit.xml, OgreIRCLib, LoadMCP.iss, MCPCommands.XML
  • EQ2OgrezoneresetXML
    • Made it so when you hit the 'clear' button, it would properly skin, rather than reverting to the old skin.
      • Except... this button hasn't been visible in a long time.. ? Or I forgot to patch removing it? I'm confused...
  • OgreBot
    • Chests with an Obol and a Greater Spirit should now auto-loot
    • Added Ob_AutoTarget:LoadListFromSaveListForWho[listname,ForWho]
      • Allows you to load an AutoTarget list on a specific toon.
    • Added increment support for Wizard's incineration @ 5.
      • Note: [MAX] flag for Wizards will check for either Frozen Solid OR incinerate.
    • Summon Mount function works again.
    • Added some additional mobs to "Avatar" code.
  • OgreUIXML
    • Removed the overlapping on the 'Other' tab
  • OgreMCPEdit.xml
    • Rearranged the window a little bit. Mostly giving the select command more space.
  • OgreIRCLib
    • Added -LoadAutoTargetList that accepts 2 parameters
      • Parameter1: Listname
      • Parameter2: Who should load the list
  • LoadMCP.iss
    • MCP commands that use "OgreIRC" now have 100 parameters instead of 20.
  • MCPCommands
    • Updated "OgreIRC" to support 100 parameters instead of 20.
    • added command: LoadAutoTargetListForWho
      • Loads an AutoTarget List for a specific toon
      • Parameter 1 = List to load.
      • Parameter 2 = Who should load the list.
    • Summon Mount works again.
  • ISXOgre
    • Fixed "ogre proc" erroring and not loading the UI

Patch Version-204

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.03.16, Patch Version-204, OgreBot-15.087, OgreCraft-1.026 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: OgreMiniUIXML.xml, Eq2Ogre.xml (Skin), InGameInterface.xml (IRC)
  • OgreMiniUIXML.XML
    • Now properly skins Uplink window
  • Ogre info (login window)
    • Now properly unloads after you hit accept and reloads itself.
  • EQ2Ogre.XML (Skin)
    • Fixed the text being immediately against the top left of nearly everything (list boxes, for example)
  • InGameInterface.xml
    • Added some automated templating (should just be backend stuff)

Patch Version-203

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.03.16, Patch Version-203, OgreBot-15.087, OgreCraft-1.026 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: (Added EQ2OgreSkin files), LoadOgreMCP, eq2OgreOnScreenAssistant, eq2OgreTransmuteshell, OgreListManager, OgreHarvest, OgreIRCSession, Eq2OgreTellWindow, EQ2OgreTradeskillApprenticeManager, OgreItemDatabase
  • OgreBot
    • Updated aExecuteAtom to support spaces... oops :)
    • Added: a_QueueCommandForWho, first parameter is who the command is for (same as aExecuteAtom). Created the new command so it doesn't backwards break everything else.
    • Item tab
      • Fixed items with commas not showing up properly in the All Items List (left side)
    • Updated about 5000 spots to better support commas in names (mostly regarding items loading), then saving/loading/showing in ca etc.
      • It's possible there is some debug code left over, so if you see any "odd" console spam - just copy/paste it to me and I'll remove it. Has no effect other than some "spam".
    • Fixed (I think) a rare bug where toons could temporary lose their campspot/movement when the DoV debuff failed.
    • Updated to use ISXOgre.SkinName
  • ISXOgre
    • Added member:SkinName - returns the current skin "Ogre" files are using.
    • Added method:SetSkinName[string] - takes a string parameter and sets the skinname to it. Note: The skin must already be loaded. By default, ISXOgre loads "eq2" (from the /skins/eq2/ directory) and it loads "Eq2Ogre" (from the /skins/EQ2Ogre/ directory). EQ2Ogre is now the default.
    • Added new "ogre" command
      • info | options -- Loads a the login UI with more options (currently 'Use Old Skin' was added). This will switch back to the "eq2" skin instead of the "eq2ogre" skin.
  • EQ2Ogre Skin
    • Added a new full skin - EQ2Ogre. Huge thanks to acidxian for creating this. (Admittly it was a long time ago and I only finally got around to implementing it).
  • The following have been updated to use ISXOgre.SkinName. If you notice any Ogre UI that isn't using the new skin, please let me know which and I will fix it. I'm sure I've missed a few.
    • LoadOgreMCP
    • eq2OgreOnScreenAssistant
    • eq2OgreTransmuteshell
    • OgreListManager
    • OgreHarvest
    • OgreIRCSession
    • Eq2OgreTellWindow
    • EQ2OgreTradeskillApprenticeManager
    • OgreCraftUI
    • OgreItemDatabase

Patch Version-202

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.02.20, Patch Version-202, OgreBot-15.086, OgreCraft-1.025 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: MCPCommands, IRCLib
    • Added following:
      • Mentor
        • Accepts 1 parameter, toonname to mentor.
      • Unmentor
        • Unmentors everyone.
  • OgreBot
    • Moved ChainTab debugging into CastingExtras for now. 99% of the reporting was range/not behind.
  • IRCLib
    • Added the following.
      • -Mentor
        • Accepts 1 parameter, toonname to mentor
      • -Unmentor
        • Unmentors everyone

Patch Version-201

  • OgreBot
    • Fixed a crash with looting.

Patch Version-200

  • Changed files:, OgreIRCLib
  • IRCLib
    • Made -unauthall use the same verbage as -unauth name
    • Added some noredirects so echos will show in the console instead of the uplink console.
  • Ogrebot
    • Summoners (well, any people with pets). Fixed a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE bug where pet buffs would use the distance of your target, and not the actual distance to your pet.
    • P.S. I hate summoners.
    • Added the following to automatic looting. Thanks to primalz for the list.
      • Greater Spirit
      • Essence of Prime Magnate Mrelg
      • Essence of Krelgrek Crag-Chair
      • Essence of Illustor Prime
      • Essence of the Forgotten Statue
      • Essence of Tempest of Zek
      • Corrupted Essence of Drinal
      • Essence of Baelon
      • Essence of Venekor
      • Essence of Spirit of the Deep
    • Added some debugging code for some various raid mobs. Just some echos to the console... so ignore them if you see them :)
  • OgreCommon.Inc
    • Summoner fix from above.