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Patch Version-219

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.06.26, Patch Version-219, OgreBot-15.100, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Fixed Talan Heroic curse not jousting

Patch Version-218

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.06.25, Patch Version-218, OgreBot-15.099, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Ogrebot
    • Fixed multiple issues with the new ST:U raid code...
    • When a tank gets Sorrn's run away det, they will turn off attack.

Patch Version-217

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.06.25, Patch Version-217, OgreBot-15.098, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: OgreUIXML, HireX, IRCLib, MCPCommands, LoadMCP.iss, MCPEdit
  • Did some massive internal changes to the way Ogrebot is compiled. If anything really out of place happens please let me know with as much detail.
    • Changed the way #includes work within Ogrebot and Ogrebotdev.
  • Messages about the awesomeun thingy are now prefixed with ISXOgre: so it's clear where they are coming from.
  • Added 'Chain#Tab' to be able to be toggled via ChangeCAListBoxItem
  • Hirex
    • Updated to work with the new UI
  • Started tweaking some Raid options. In the future, it may REQUIRE you to do a 'set up for ___' in order to activate the raid options for that specific mob.
    • For any FUTURE coded RO, the following needs to happen. You must do a 'set up for ___' in the zone once to activate the RO module for that zone.
    • While the above may hold true for some specific fights, I found a better way to do it...
    • When you zone into a raid zone that has RO available, it loads the module so it's available. Generally speaking, the same way as it has been... just different internally. Note: As like before, this module is loaded regardless if RO is checked, but it only executes if RO is enabled (same as it is).
      • Currently redid all of ST:U.
  • IRC
    • Added -LootAll <ForWho>
    • Added -CS-Dft-Opt
      • Same as CS-Dft but requires 2 additional parameters. Min dist and max dist. These cannot be omitted (use CS-Dft if you want to omit them...)
    • Added -CS-JO-JI-Opt
      • Same as CS-JO-JI but requires 2 additional parameters. Min dist and max dist. These cannot be omitted (use CS-JO-JI if you want to omit them...)
  • MCPCommands
    • Added Min/Max precision to CS-Dft and CS-JO-JI
  • LoadMCP
    • Parameters now support commas... I still recommend avoiding them where possible.
  • MCPEdit
    • When you click on a parameter, it will populate into the text box
    • Note: If you modify it and hit add, it will add a new line. This is intended. You can easily remove the old one if you no longer want it there. Will make fixing typos/names much easier.
  • Raid Options
    • Caerina the Lost / Melanie Everling
      • When she begins to weep, enchanters will dispell.
    • Sarinich the Wretched
      • When he 'begins to feast on your power!', enchanters will dispell.

Patch Version-216

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.06.01, Patch Version-216, OgreBot-15.097, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • When you try to exceed your max concentration, the bot will remove all buffs that are currently using concentration, then let the buffs tab take back over and rebuff.
    • Note: YOU (the user) can still break this. For example, if you put 6 concentration buffs into your buff rotation, it will buff, hit max, and cancel them all, then repeat the entire process. This isn't here to help with user error, it's to help with when you load a profile with a different buff rotation (but still only 5 concentration).
    • Sends a message "Soandso Max Concentration! Removing buffs and rebuffing." when it happens. This is merely an informational message and you don't have to do anything. If you are getting spammed with this message, you should fix them. (Means the bot has more than 5 concentration in their buff routine).
  • Added some additional debugging messages to the line: OgreBotEcho(17:25:54): Casting: Cancelling spell - Cure Curse because Healer1 is no longer cursed
    • It now will say exactly the name returned from the check, and a value.
  • Fixed priests cancelling Cure Curse on themselves when they still had a curse.
  • awesomium_process.exe NOT SO AWESOME ANYMORE!
    • ISXOgre now kills these processes and deletes the file.
    • Note: The file WILL be re-patched every time you patch, which is fine, cause Ogre will just delete the file again.
    • Worth noting: When Everquest2.exe is closed down, if awesomium_process.exe file doesn't exist, it creates an empty folder with the same name. Which is fine.. Just noting it here that it isn't part of ISXOgre and is part of Everquest2.exe.
    • I really dislike modifying anything on someone elses system (in this case, yours), so I'm going to leave informational messages about exactly what the extension is doing.
      • Here is exactly what this does.
      • Attempts to delete "awesomium_process.exe.txt" (which may exist from a previous renaming).
      • Renames "awesomium_process.exe" to "awesomium_process.exe.txt".
      • Kill the "awesomium_process.exe".
      • Attempts to delete "awesomium_process.exe.txt" (which will fail, because the file is still in use).
        • I choose this method vs waiting for the "awesomium_process.exe" to end because I didn't see a reason to increase the load time at all, when we can just delete the file the next time a session is opened.
      • Long story short, you WILL see messages like the following:
        • c:/games/everquest 2/awesomium_process.exe successfully renamed
        • File exists: c:/games/everquest 2/awesomium_process.exe.txt
        • Error deleting file: c:/games/everquest 2/awesomium_process.exe.txt
          • This error is explained 6 lines above.
        • File exists: c:/games/everquest 2/awesomium_process.exe.txt
        • c:/games/everquest 2/awesomium_process.exe.txt successfully deleted

Patch Version-215

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.05.18, Patch Version-215, OgreBot-15.096, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: Ogreuixml.xml
  • Ogrebot
    • Added support for broadcast guild through uplink.
    • Grind
      • Talan
        • added on-screen timer for when the adds spawn.
        • Removed scorching faith movement as it wasn't needed and no longer ticks.
        • Added full tank auto mode. Campspot your tank. Currently you will need to keep him jousted out the entire fight. Your scouts will auto-joust in/out where appropriately (maybe not at the start of the fight).
      • Queen
        • Removed target self from fighters.
        • Made a tank campspot for those who are lazy.
  • Ogreuixml
    • Added Broadcast guild next to broadcast tells.
  • Added some raid timers for various mobs (just on-screens).

Patch Version-214

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.05.10, Patch Version-214, OgreBot-15.095, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: MCPCommands
  • OgreBot
    • Grind Options
      • Queen Dulseris
        • Added 'set up for queen'
        • Anyone campspoted will automatically click their shell when appropriate (sprints also to ensure you get to the far one.. I suspect this isn't needed but whatever).
        • Any bard in the group will do the clicking of all 3 at the start. (If you don't have a bard, then do it manually).
      • Talan
        • Added 'set up for talan'
        • When someone gets Mark of Death - they joust 20m
        • When someone gets Scorching Faith - they joust 12m. Not sure this is needed..?
        • Autotargeting of the dopples
      • Mindscorcher Shelik
        • Added 'set up for Mindscorcher' | 'set up for Shelik'
        • When someone gets the red text, they run 20m away, then 12s later return (I picked 12s out of a hat, not sure if it's shorter, but until someone times it.. 12 it is!)
    • Fixed /pet back off telling you it was an error...
  • MCPCommands
    • Fixed Jst-On-Who and Jst-Off-Who

Patch Version-213

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.05.04, Patch Version-213, OgreBot-15.094a, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • OgreBot
    • Fixed illegal statement.

Patch Version-212

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.05.04, Patch Version-212, OgreBot-15.094, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • OgreBot
    • Dirge - Gravitas tab - Now works the same as jcap (no timer).
    • Updated the anti-avatar code to be more friendly with the awesomon_process stuff.

Patch Version-211

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.05.01, Patch Version-211, OgreBot-15.093, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Fixed raid scripts for AoA/HE part 2

Patch Version-210

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.05.01, Patch Version-210, OgreBot-15.092, OgreCraft-1.027 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files:
  • Ogrebot
    • Conj - No longer cancels plane shift before casting soulburn.
    • Brig - Fixed a crash when calling to guild hall
    • Brig - Added cancelling of safehouse to use flag as well as guild hall.
    • Fixed raid scripts for AoA and HE