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Test Patch Version-239

  • Updated ISXOgrePatcherIgnoreList.xml with instructions on how to ignore/DoNotOverWrite files.
    • Note: This file doesn't patch itself unless the file doesn't exist.
  • ISXOgre
    • IgnoreList is now case insensitive.
    • Added a message when it tries to load the Ignorelist, so the 'unable to read' message makes more sense if the file doesn't exist afterwards.

Test Patch Version-238

  • To show eq2bob and primalz are noobs.

Test Patch Version-237

  • Changed files: EQ2OgreDepotResourceInformation.XML, EQ2OgreHarvestMain, AutoLogin.iss, Added AutoLoginSettings.xml
  • ISXOgre
    • Changed ISXOgre:Patch - To patch using the new patcher.
    • Removed the following commands.
      • Repatch
      • RepatchDev
      • PatchDev
    • If ISXOgre is set to remove the awesomiun thingy, it will now also remove "wws_crashreport_uploader.exe" since it CAUSES FUCKING 20-40 SECOND DELAYS IN LOADING THE FUCKING GAME.
      • Thanks to "Scoops" for finding this.
  • OgreCraft
    • Removed an exploit in OgreCraft that allowed "too many writs" to happen. Special thanks to Raudkoer for bragging about it in IRC.
  • EQ2OgreDepotResourceInformation.XML
    • Added missing rares and reactants.
  • EQ2OgreHarvestMain
    • Fixed a loot check that wasn't checking for Ogrebot properly.
  • AutoLogin.iss
    • Removed the defaults from this file. Moved them into xml.
  • Added AutoLoginSettings.xml
    • This stores the Gamename/profilename/etc.

Test Patch Version-236

  • Note: Version 234 does NOT auto-update to 236 at this time until more testing is completed.
  • Changed files: SpellExport, MCPCommands, LoadMCP, InCombatMovement
  • ISXOgre
  • New patcher! See (eq2Bob can you make it a wiki link, it's late and I don't remember how off the top of my head!) for more details.
  • SpellExport
    • Added a bunch of values that will be used in the future. Most of it is refactoring existing items to make them slightly faster.
    • Concussive Blast (Sorcerer) is now forcefully labeled as an AE nuke instead of an encounter nuke (I tested on training dummies to confirm it is indeed an AE nuke, but is mislabeled).
  • MCPCommands
    • Removed __TestRawC, as it was used for internal testing...
    • Changed RawCommand to remove the "execute" since it wasn't needed.
  • LoadMCP
    • MCP save file is now sorted alpha.
    • Removed a layer of escaping from *space* and *nospace* that was messing with quotes.
    • Fixed 'Hail' not /facing.
  • InCombatMovement
    • If you 'blank out' Move into melee range text entry box, it no longer crashes.
  • Ogrebot
    • Raid options
      • Oligar HM joust is now 2 seconds less in time (6s).
    • Fixed Sorcerer Ambidex not auto-casting.
    • Camping with Ogre revamped. Camp (via MCP or group tell 'camp time') now works the following:
      • Pauses the bot
      • Does a /camp login then waits 25s.
      • If you are not at login scene, tries again, does a /camp login and waits 25s.
      • If you are at login screen, it closes the client down. This should prevent the pesky crashes people have... and the other annoying thing that happens when you close a session... :)
      • Note: If you wish to prevent the closing of the client, simply RESUME the bot.
      • Note2: Resuming the bot at all, will prevent any more of the camp code from functioning, however, if there is a camp currently in progress, it will not be interrupted. That's up to you.

Test Patch Version-234

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.10.10, Patch Version-234, OgreBot-16.004, OgreCraft-1.027 (Not available) - Kannkor

  • Ogrebot
    • Raid options
      • Oligar HM joust is now 2 seconds less in time. Will probably adjust until it's more correct. Oligar EM joust will remain the same. If it's off someone will need to report it.
    • Fixed LoadExecute from crashing when adding new items in.
    • When adding an item to LoadExecute, it is executed when you do it. This way if it doesn't work/crashes Ogrebot because of a typo, you can't save it into the profile and cause an error.
    • Autohunt now has a slight Y axis (height) applied to it. This should help pull mobs that are on a very slight grade from you.

Test Patch Version-233

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.09.21, Patch Version-233, OgreBot-16.003e, OgreCraft-1.027 (Not available) - Kannkor

  • Raid Options
    • Fixed a drinal crash that was introduced in last version

Test Patch Version-232

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.09.21, Patch Version-232, OgreBot-16.003b, OgreCraft-1.027 (Not available) - Kannkor

  • ISXOgre
    • Added an additional alias to 'ogre info'. There are now three (they all do the same thing).
      • ogre info
      • ogre options
      • ogre config
    • Fixed leave awesomium_process to work properly (it was doing the reverse, so without it checked, it was leaving it, and with it, it was removing it)
  • Ogrebot
    • Raid Options
      • PoW -> Commanders
        • saying 'no crystals' and 'do crystals' in group chat should now work again.
    • Rangers 'Wreak Havoc' will allow abilities that require invis to be cast without casting invis.
    • Added the ID to casting Debug for :use

Test Patch Version-231

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.09.12, Patch Version-231, OgreBot-16.003b, OgreCraft-1.027 (Not available) - Kannkor

  • ISXOgre
    • Displays version information when it first loads, and when it becomes enabled, so old man primalz doesn't have to scroll up anymore.
    • If you have an "isxogre.dll" in the /innerspace/ folder, it will be renamed since this will cause problems. It also puts an error into the console.
    • Added new options to the "ogre info" screen.
      • Always Patch
        • When checked: Force the extension to check for new patches every time it's loaded, even if it's already patch during that session.
        • When unchecked (current behavior): Extension will only check for a new patch when initially loaded, and not again if it's unloaded and reloaded during that session.
      • Patch on all sessions
        • When checked: All sessions will try to patch when they are loaded.
        • When unchecked: Only IS1 (first session to be loaded) will try to patch.
      • Leave awesomium_process
        • When checked: ISXOgre will not remove awesomium_process for those wishing to use the in-game browser.
        • When unchecked (current behavior): ISXOgre will remove this extra process that is not needed and give you a bit more CPU juice.
    • Can now display multiple 'errors' and 'notices' from the server.
      • Note: If you have an invalid username/password, it more show any additional errors until that one is corrected.

Test Patch Version-230

Versions: ISXOgre-2013.09.11, Patch Version-230, OgreBot-16.003a, OgreCraft-1.027 (Not available) - Kannkor

  • Ogrebot
    • Raid Options
      • Secret(private testing only)
        • Greatly reduced the amount of duplicate IRC debug spam.
      • Exxoodus
        • Cancels cleric ability "Exorcise" on redtext
        • Cancels defiler ability 'defile' on redtext
      • Oligar
        • Swapped sides.. so raid/tanks are on left, and joust spot is on right.
  • ISXOgre
    • These changes shouldn't affect the user at all, only back end stuff. Listing here incase a problem starts during this time period I know when/where to track it down
    • Authenticates on a new file with different authentication process.
    • Turned into a complete rewrite of authentication... both client and server side.