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Version 10.059 - Kannkor Raid updates (Quacker)

Version 10.058 - Kannkor Raid updates (Quacker) Fixed OHarvest loading inside of Ogrebot (was broke from 10.057).

Version 10.057 - Kannkor Items tab "Crystalize Essence" options on item tab (Defiler group spell that procs an item). Currently works the same as Inno child (will cast when your health at __ even though the item is AE (6 people)). Loot tab You can no longer select conflicting loot options. For example, you can't select Need AND Greed at the same time (previously, it used the first option).

UI (UIXML.xml) New option for Dynamic Camp Spot (in testing). When activated, the toon will make the spot they are standing on holy ground, and stick to that area at all costs (currently disables melee movement). Must have "Move To Area" checked or this is ignored. "Lets go" clears this option. "Come to me" commands will disable this feature also.

"run ogre end all" now ends any script that would be ended with "run ogre end <param>". Note: Scripts with UI's don't have an end command, since you hit the "X".

Raid updates for Quacker

"Need a cure curse!" (with an !) in a tell/group/raid will cause ALL "priests" to try to cure curse you (keeping in mind, that they should cancel it if you are cured mid cast, however if 2 healers cast at exactly the same time, they will both be used).

Version 10.056 - Kannkor You won't move on taskmaster without the Raid option checked.. for real this time.

Version 10.054-55 - Kannkor Raid updates (Zarrakon)

Version 10.053 - Kannkor Thet bug fixed

Version 10.052 - Kannkor Raid updates (Xebnok/Thet) Xebnok - Group say should be at max once per 2 seconds Thet - No more movement while you have aggro

Version 10.051 - Kannkor Raid updates (Xebnok)

Version 10.050 - Kannkor Raid updates (Trak)

Version 10.049 - Kannkor Added new checkbox option: Ignore NPC HP (100%). This is equal to setting "% NPC HP to attack" (on the "Setup" tab) to 100. For those times when you just can't get him under 100% to get the bots kicked in. This option will mainly be used with the new Uplink.

Version 10.048 - Kannkor When the bot casts cure curse, if the target's curse goes away while casting, the bot will stop the casting. NOTE: If you MANUALLY cast a curse, the bot will not interfere, regardless if the target has a curse or not.

Version 10.042-6 - Kannkor Raid stuff/more UplinkController support (still in testing) New file: Ogrefollow.iss - Basic script that takes params on who/what to follow.

Version 10.041 - Kannkor Started working on an UplinkController for managing checkboxes/Input boxes etc. New file: UplinkControllerXML.xml

Version 10.040 - Kannkor Fixed some raid profile stuff (Maestro/Thet) Old Revisions