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Version 11.041 - Kannkor

  • Minor re-write of combat arts
  • Debug tab: CastingDetails now is functional. This will output why each CAs is failing to cast, with the exception if the spell isn't ready (.TimeUntilReady).
    • HIGHLY RECOMMEND - You turn OFF Auto Attack Timing while you are running this, or you will see a lot of spam.
    • I also recommend you add "ID" (ignore duration) to any spells on your CAs tab, or uncheck them, as you will see a good amount of spam about the spell being on your target.
  • Updates to in /eq2ogrecommon/ - CastingDetails debugging

Version 11.040 - Kannkor

  • Added new debugging option to the settings tab which loads a new tab
    • Currently only the Casting debug is functional.. try this out for finding that "pausing" bug and report any findings. Will be adding more debugging shortly.
  • Shaman's will now cast Leg Bite on their pet while casting other spells (free DPS!).
  • Apparently Rhythmic Overture and Victorious Concerto are Dirge spells also.. so gave them the same love. Checkboxes appear on the Dirge tab now also.
  • Looting of ? and ! now supported (for real this time). You must meet the following conditions for the bot to loot ? and !.
    • Have "Loot Corpses/Chests" checked on the Settings tab (If you want the bot to actually accept the shiny, you would need a loot option selected on the Loot tab - such as FFA - Accept any tradable)
    • Not be moving
    • Not be in Combat
    • Be within 3 "meters" of a ! or ? (just be on top of it basically).
    • Must have ResourceInfo.xml in your OgreCommon directory (It's part of the SVN, not sure why you wouldn't have it, but required none the less)

Version 11.039 - Kannkor

  • AAs/Spells you don't have, will no longer show up in your drop down boxes!
    • If you are debugging (run ogre debug) - It will tell you which AAs it skipped because you don't have them.
  • Removed the "Old" buff casting code.
  • Complete revamp of equiping items (so far only Trak shield).
  • Ogreequip.iss in EQ2OgreCommon is no longer called. It may be in the future, so keeping it there as it is still useful.
  • UI - Cleaned up the Templar specific page a bit.
  • EnablePetsInDropDownBox should now save and load in profiles.
  • Add support for Troubador AA Rhythmic Overture and Victorious Concerto.
    • Checkboxes added to the Troub specific tab.
    • Recommendation: Have both checked so the bot manages casting both. However if you are there half playing, you can have the bot cast only 1 of the 2 if you desire. (How dare you actually play your character!! :) )
  • Added "Enable PvP" button. This works on open world PvP (like Nafagan/Vox). While checked, it will check to see if people are faction rating of -4 (KOS). From my testing, only people in my level range were -4, anyone too high was -3 and not killable. Allies were +4. No idea if the same rules hold true for BG.
    • WARNING Using bots in PvP is a dangerous thing, people get upset losing to bots. So use at your own risk. And for the record - PvP is stupid.. :)

Version 11.038 - Kannkor

  • Fixed crash

Version 11.037 - Kannkor

  • Fixed PowerHeals checkbox on the front page not loading after it has been saved.
  • Fixed PowerHeals Target loading after it has been saved.

Version 11.036 - Kannkor

  • New file ( OgreCustomArrayController ) in folder ( EQ2OgreCommon )
  • Converted most EQ2:Create.. over to this new object. Should allow better compatibility when multiple scripts are using EQ2:Create.
  • Removed as it was no longer needed. Contents were moved into ui.iss

Version 11.035 - Kannkor

  • Raid updates
    • Fixed a spam bug when pulling Trak.
    • Penda - When arcane retribution is up, sorcerers will target themselves and temporary disable auto assist and cancel casting, once it is cleared, they will remove the temporary auto assist disable and they will re-assist. Temporary bug: If Penda dies while arcane retribution is up, Sorcerers will not re-target. Temporary fix: Fight Kenda and when Kenda's first retrib is removed, it resets this, or restart the bot.
    • Zaos - You should help your raid members when you are within 25 meters of him
  • --REMOVED-- No longer needed. Added some debug code to Zaos
  • Re-arranged some code (chat events). No affect unless people look at where they are located.. :)
  • New tab - PowerHeals - Same idea as heals, except for power.
  • Time warp - added to Illy tab.
  • Removed Mana flow from Illy tab. Will be removing it from Coercer tab in the near future also.
  • Added OSA to Ogre.iss options. This is in development and is not available, but you will see it listed as an option.

Version 11.034 - Kannkor

  • Fixed a typo with chat trigger with Dark Aggravation (Warlock)

Version 11.033 - Kannkor

  • Changed Range Extender to "Spell Range Extender". It now only affects Spells (anything on the "Spells" tab but nothing on the "Combat Arts" tab (in your knowledge book). Also doesn't affect spells with an effect radius, such as PBAE's and group spells (since they are not affected).
    • Since this is new, please report if you see any problems with spells trying to cast that are out of range, or spells that won't cast and they are within range.
  • Removed some random "Testing" info

Version 11.031-.0032 - Kannkor

  • Fixed a rare bug (that appeared, or became more common since xpac) that would cause a toon to not believe their target was valid for offensive spells). If this happens PLEASE REPORT IT!
    • Fixed a bug that then caused spells to try to cast when out of range (I believe this secondary bug was caused by fixing the first bug, however).
  • Moved Enable Pets Checkbox from heal tab to settings tab. Enables it for single target buffs and heals.
  • Pet single target buffing, and pet healing should all be fully functional.
  • Removed a few more debug echos that weren't needed anymore.
  • Added debug mode: Usage: "run ogre debug"
    • Currently only spews information that is sent to CastIt (function that casts 99% of spells, but not items). If your bot seems to "hang" try using this and it may tell you what spell it is hanging on.
  • Sorc's - Ambidex - Now only tries to cast if you have a valid NPC target between the health of 1 and 99 (no more trying to cast it on your tank.. oops!).
  • Buff routing check reduced from 10 seconds to 2 seconds. Doesn't really need to be a delay at all, 10s check was added back in the "lag days".. which this check did nothing at all to help.
  • Group cures should now cancel if everyone has been cured - However, it will only stop curing if NO ONE in the group has any dets.. Examples:
    • You have group cure nox setup to cure when 3 people are dotted.
      • You start casting your group cure, and everyone cure potions the nox cure, but someone still has an arcane, it will allow the cure to continue. Right this moment I can't change (fix?) this because I have no way of knowing that the bot casting your group cure to only cure nox.
      • You start casting your group cure, and EVERYONE is cured. You will cancel your casting.
      • NOTE: Because Group cures are quite fast casting, and in all my testing 99% of the time both priests would start casting at almost the exact same moment, I didn't see many times it cancelled a group cure. I did see it cancel 1, so it does "work". Don't expect great results out of this...
  • Changed the blanket poato avoid casting while cursed to avoid only on the first namer(s).
  • Single target cures - You should be able to use a non-"Cure" type spell. Like the monk/bruiser self only spell or other spells with a re-use timer. I don't have a toon to test these so give it a try.
  • Converted all in-bot Ogrenav movement (mostly raid stuff) to use a new function. Cleans up code.
  • New file: OgreEquip.iss - Goes into /EQ2OgreCommon/. Currently this is only used for swapping trak shield out. Big plans for it however!
    • Some times Trak shield gets stuck on and it needs to be manually swapped out.. not sure why yet!
      • Unable to reproduce.. Calling this "fixed" :)
  • Rewrote how warlock myth clickie is used.
    • With the weapon version, the clickie (Negative Void) is persisant through death. So this wasn't an issue.
    • With the spell version, it is NOT persisant through death.
    • New tab: Warlock with 1 checkbox. While this is checked, the bot will ensure negative void is cast (be weapon or spell version).
    • "WarMyth" on OgreMCP (Uplink) now just toggles this option instead of actually casting/clicking.
  • Added new option on the "Setup" tab - Range Extender. If you run the spell export, I recommend running it without any range extenders, then modify this to add the extentions. This way if you group with a troub who had +5, you can easily add 5, and it adds it to all your spells. If you get an item with +10, y ou can add it there.
    • Issue with this.. it adds range to ALL spells, even spells that don't get the range extentions.. Working on a fix for this...
  • Warlock - Dark Aggravation spell is now supported when it procs on your target.
    • Added (default on) option to turn off Dark Aggravation
    • Added (default on) option to check the mobs name before casting with the chat text that comes up
      • If you get a message "Your target must be afflicted by dark incubation", it resets the mob name to NULL. Since your target isn't valid. If you have other checks, they will continue to function (such as det check).
    • Added (default on) option to check the mobs dets if the names don't match
    • Added (default off) to not do any checks, and if it's up, just try to cast it.

Version 11.027-.0030 - Kannkor

  • Mythical updates. See the new Mythical page (Main Page - Mythicals) in the wiki for more details.
  • Raid updates (Haraaket)
  • Added: Enable Pets checkbox on Heals tab. This puts pets into the CastOn drop down boxes.

Version 11.017-.0020 - Kannkor

  • Fixed Single Target/Group Target Cure options. Previously the checkbox for "Cast Single Target Cures" etc was not doing a check, so it was casting them regardless..
  • Raid updates (Iilsaad)

Version 11.012-.0015 - Kannkor

  • Cure potions now tier 9.
  • Fixed camp spot from crashing
  • Raid updates (Tuluun)
  • Added auto looting of SF Tier 9 Raid Shards

Version 11.005-.0010 - Kannkor

  • Raid Updates (Zarrakon/Ykesha/Xythus/Mynzak)

Version 11.003 - Kannkor

  • Super sonic loading! Loading time of the bot was reduced greatly!

Version 11.000 - Kannkor

  • New file added to EQ2OgreCommon that allows looting of shinies. (Required). /scripts/EQ2OgreCommon/ResourceInfo.xml
  • Guardian spell "Block" now supported. If Block is cast (by the bot, or by a human) the bot will NOT cast any "CAs" abilities. All other functions should continue to work.
  • Raid updates - Restarted converting examines over to Icon checks.
    • Trak, Thet, Xebnok, Switchmaster (changed from -1 to Icon check) done.
  • UI update - Added dynamic camp spot and dynamic Ignore PBAE.
    • Camp spot will be released in a future release.
    • Ignore PBAE can be used - Will make you skip any Blue PBAE's on the CAs tab only. There will be a relay option for it in a future release. Reminder: "Dynamic" anything will not save/load with profiles.
  • If you are casting a cure potion, and then detrimental goes away (duration or is cured by other means), you will cancel the cure potion.
    • Note: If you pause the bot and cast a cure potion, it will not interfere (this may change to prevent this).
  • Dragoon's reflexes (Warrior AA) will skip CAs tab (same as block).
  • Rewrote how Names in combo boxes appear. Please report any differences. Pet names will be appearing again in some cases.
    • Should no longer be invalid options in many places. For example: No more "Raid" option under single target buffs.
  • New "Target" option available under "Combat" tab (pre-buff). This will ONLY work for self/GroupAE spells (like group wards). So if someone else enters combat (such as, in a raid) and they are your target, you will cast these spells. Maintained should continue to work.. Report any bugs.
  • New Tab: PreCast. You can put spells you want cast before other spells are cast. For example: Wizard may want Freehand Sorcery cast before Ice Commet or Fission, you would add these here. This can also be used for Shaman's healing with Ritual. Note: Do NOT put stealth attacks and stealth here. They should not be needed in this situation.
    • Should work with spells that have a castingtime now also. Does 2 checks
      • If no casting time, it waits for the spell to appear in your maintained (max 1 second wait)
      • If a casting time, it runs the normal casting routine.
    • Changed the way a few Ability variables work.. let me know if you see any abnormalies.
  • Fixed a random typo with AH.. However it was just a clear before reloading a profile, so it's possible it never affected anything.
  • Removed an echo from the play annoying noise on uplink tell...
  • Updated message when you load the bot and a spell is not in the SpellExport. Because so much information is stored here, I don't recommend you try to use spells not in the export (it was always a bad idea). It has just become clear that it's a bad idea, it will cause the bot to hang on that spell.
  • Fixed Crystallize Essence and Innoruuks child.. A lot of typos and a wrong copy/paste had Inno's child actually casting an essence.
  • Rewrote curing
    • PCures should no longer get hung up if you can't cast it on the person (out of range, can't see target etc).
    • Fixed a bug with PCures that prevented the "Cure" tab from firing.
    • "CURE ARCANE" should now work. Please test and report back any issues.
  • Added "Mark of Manaar" to the auto loot list (same as how Void Shards are auto looted).
  • Raid updates (Mynzak/Uktap)
  • OgreMCP (Uplink) updates
    • Moved "Load UI" and "Camp" on the Uplink to the "Other2" tab
    • Can ignore the Test button.. it's for Kannkor to test things