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Version 12

Version 12.110 - Kannkor

  • Files changed: EQ2OgreZoneResetXMLCall.iss, UI, OgreFollow, UIXML, UICommon, InCombatMovement.iss
  • EQ2OgreZoneResetXMLCall.iss
    • Removed the limit of resetting 10 zones, should be able to reset as many as you need. Also changed .Item to .OrderedItem
  • Raid updates - Maalus
    • See InCombatMovement updates also
  • InCombatMovement Updates
    • For now to save cpu cycles, removed taskmaster and maestro checks from InCombatMovement. Seeing how I don't use these and I'm pretty confident no one else did, they will ultimately break those 2 encounters.
    • Added MoveInFront code
    • Added some missing options - Will ensure movement is stopped when pause is hit.
  • UIXML updates
    • Changed case of some things
    • Added Move in front of mob. Works exactly like move behind.. except it moves in front.
    • Made Move in front/behind a toggle (Basically you can't have both checked at the same time).
  • UICommon - Removed enabling affliction triggers since these are no longer used.
    • Completely revamped how ALL "range" is calculated. Calc's are now MUCH more accurate. Previously, it would use approximates. This means if you were truly at max spell range, it wouldn't cast. Since peoples melee range was different, and their Ranged range was different, using approximates caused issues, and created a huge problem when I introduced rangers sweet spot and Ranged Auto Attack. This has now all been changed, but it does come with a warning. WARNING Your model size effects your range. I can read your base model size (aka, the size you are without any changes), but if you grow yourself (like Ogre racial) or shrink yourself (billy doll) it changes the model size and I can't read that information. These changes are minimal (less than 1 step in-game). So use them at your own risk, knowing you may make it so you are out of range. This should be VERY minimal, but I just wouldn't use them :)
  • This also means that having proper spell exports are EXTREMELY important. Because that data is used for the calcs. Here are some reminders when running the spell export. Be careful of who else is grouped with you. Troubadors increase spell range. If you don't ALWAYS have a troub in your group, run the spellexport WITHOUT him. When you have one in your group, you can use the Spell Range Extender (On Setup tab). If you have gear that extends your range that you don't use 100% of the time, take it off when you run your spell export.

Version 12.109 - Kannkor

  • Files changed: UICommon, UI, SpellExport, EQ2OgreZoneResetXMLCall.iss
  • Removed some debugging echoing that was left in.. (oops)
  • SpellExport - Hard coded many ranger abilities to appear as spells instead of Combat arts (this prevents you from trying to cast them while moving)
  • Changed the range when melee attack is turned on (larger).
  • Raid updates (Maalus, Scav, Toxx)

Version 12.108 - Kannkor

  • Files changed: UICommon, UIXML, UI, InCombatMovement
  • AA Timing had a server call in it. Removed it and changed it to using the spell export. (Should have no noticable affect).
  • Changed how Abilities are checked to see if they are available.
    • Previously, it checked TimeUntilReady, then checked various Desc info. Such as *SHIELD *INVIS etc. Since not having a shield "grays" out the ability and returns FALSE, all abilities now check .IsReady.
    • This should mean abilities that become available after specific events, can be cast from the CA rotation.
      • For example: Monk ability Combination.
      • This should also allow Assassins to cast abilities that bypasses the stealth requirement and have it cast abilities.
      • Ranger Coverage - Should be able to be used an an invis ability
  • Reworked abilities casting.. again..
  • Large overhaul of how In-combat movement. Currently the new code is only used for Rangers "sweet spot". Will re-write the move into melee range/behind for everyone in the near future.
  • New Ranger tab added - Rangers rejoice!
    • Two new options
    • Move into sweet spot
    • Move into sweet spot BEHIND
    • Both do the same thing, just one places behind. When both are checked, if it can get behind in the sweet spot, it will. If it's not available (say the mob's back is in a wall), it will just get into the sweet spot. For obvious reasons, you can't have aggro.
    • Enabling either of these, automatically disables Move into melee range and move behind mob. The max distance is the same for this as it is for melee (Setup tab - Melee move when less than (40) ).
  • Re-arranged Settings tab (main tab on bot). More re-arranging coming as more options come. One of these days I'm going to do a complete overhaul.. we'll see. For now just re-arranging to group options.
    • Added new option - Ranged Attack. Same idea as Melee attack. If you are within melee range, it will make sure melee attack is on. If you are out of melee range, but within ranged attack range, it will use ranged attack. For now, Max range of a bow attack is defaulted to 32. Most bows are 35. Haven't found a way to see your bow range (without a server call). *** FOR NON-RANGERS - Be warned if you are on a ranged fight this will use quite a bit of ammo! Refunds for ammo will NOT be given! ... :)
  • Invis list box can now be re-arranged
  • Now works - ◦Added "% NPC HP to move into attack range". This will allow you to have your toon attack at one percent, and move into melee range at a different %.
  • Auto Attack Timing now supports Ranged Auto attack timing. Also supports switching between both melee auto attack and Ranged auto attack. Completely re-worked AA timing. If someone uses profit or something feel free to give me feedback on how this works.
  • Raid updates 3MSagesHM

Version 12.107 - Kannkor

  • Files changed: UIXML, UI
  • UIXML changes:
    • Rearranged "Setup" tab a bit.
    • Added "% NPC HP to move into attack range". This will allow you to have your toon attack at one percent, and move into melee range at a different %. NOT DONE YET
    • Changed the 2 self invis combo boxes, to a listbox that can hold 15 invis abilities (I don't think anyone has more than 2 or 3, but future expansion!).
      • First time you load this, if you had either one blank, they will appear as "NULL". You can leave the NULL there (won't hurt anything), or remove it and re-save your profile, and the NULL won't appear anymore.
    • Previously if you were invis after a fight (and No Invis Casting was NOT checked), the bot would attempt to break invis if it knew which ability was making you invis. With how the list box works, this currently doesn't happen anymore.
    • Now - if you have new option checked (Settings tab) "Cancel Invis after Combat" (defaults on), you will sprint after combat if you are still invis. Note: If you need to cast invis manually, either pause the bot, or uncheck this since it will cancel it.
  • Changed how Heals save.. should reduce save files by 10k per profile.. (I know.. weeee).
  • Complete refactor of how the bot determines if offensive abilities are ready to be cast. If you notice any changes let me know. As this should no effect at the user level. (Just means I re-did the code to work better, but still accomplishes the same thing) :).
  • Raid updates: Miragul

Version 12.106 - Kannkor

  • Files changed: SpellExport, UICommon, UI
  • Spell Export updates
    • Added Ranger support "I need to be stealthed"
  • UICommon updates
    • Better min. range support
  • Reworked some CA casting. Should reduce (maybe remove??) queuing the same spell you just cast, thus providing a bit faster CA rotation. May be so minimal you can't tell. Either way, should be better overall.
  • Moved some variables from UICommon to UI (JCap/Grav/TimeWarp timers).
  • Fixed COB/POTM when you are in raid with multiple troubs or dirges. Was some left over T8 code.. oops.
  • Increased (doubled) Auto target when hated range from 15 to 30.
  • Increased (doubled) Auto Pull range (assuming you have a pull spell long enough) from 30 to 60.
  • Raid updates (Scav/Harkat)

Version 12.105 - Kannkor

  • Files changed: UI, upxml, up.
  • Added some waitframes to never ending loops. Chances are this won't be noticable at all, but it's possible to help with lower end machines.
  • Inadvertely most MCP functions would only work if the bot was running on that computer. This was introduced V12.000g. If you find any other MCP commands not working correctly (with, or without the bot running) let me know.

Version 12.104 - Kannkor

  • SpellExport - Added "DamageType". This will now add information to the damage type of the abilities which can now be read by Ogrebot. This will allow for limiting the type of damage to be done when needed. IE: no magic damage etc.
  • Raid updates (Penda) - Sorc and Predators won't use any type of magic when the reflection is up.

Version 12.103 - Kannkor

  • When the bot loads, it changes your window text (the text in your title bar of the window) to your toon name (ctrl+alt+#). Now, when the bot is closed, it will revert it back to IS# (ctrl+alt+#).
  • Raid updates (Scav)
  • Added 2 buttons to Zones MCP for Scav (For Kannkor)

Version 12.101 - Kannkor

  • Raid updates (3Msages)

Version 12.100g - Kannkor

  • Starting to restructure some things for ISXOgre. More about this will come later (it doesn't remove the need for ISXEQ2 unfortunately).
    • Changed all Script[ui] calls to script[${OgreBotScriptName}] calls. If you have any custom scripts that require Ogrebot to be running, you will need to change the check to the global variable: OgreBotScriptName. (This probably doesn't affect anyone). Updated OgreIRC to use the new variable also.
  • Renamed "Load UI" on the MCP to "Load Bot" - still does the same thing (loads or reloads the bot).
  • If you don't have a primary weapon equiped (for what ever reason...) you should now skip Combat Arts that require one. This is possible to have odd effects if you are known to run around without a primary item while trying to fight.. (Drugs and botting are bad!) :)
  • Added more items to the auto-loot list.. Reminder - These only work when they are in a chest by themselves.
    • Ice Drake Talon (Icy x4)
    • a chunk of rock (Icy x4)
    • a large chunk of wolf meat (Icy x4)
    • Mechanical Servo (Spirit's Resonance)
    • a Ca'Na medallion (Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella)

Version 12.007 - Kannkor

  • Reverted base wait time for a spell to start to a maximum of 4/10's of a second, up from 2/10s. This is better suited to people's recovery.
  • Raid updates (Maalus)

Version 12.006a - Kannkor

  • Raid updates (Gozak)

Version 12.006 - Kannkor

  • Files modified: ui, UICommon, Ogre
  • Files added: OgreIRCSession, OgreIRC, OgreIRCLib
  • Added new button to Setup tab: Auto load Grind Options. When fighting specific mobs, your toons will perform certain actions automatically. I will be making a section in the wiki which will give details of what it does for each mob.
    • End boss in Royal palace - If you are near an unstable rift, it will click it.
  • Chat triggers added
    • In a tell/group/raid saying the word "revive" will make anyone dead revive. No other words can be in the same sentence and the person must be on your auth list. For example: "Revive now" wouldn't work.
    • In a tell/group/raid saying the words "zone in" or "zone out" will make them zone (same effect as clicking the "Zone" button on MCP). Again, must be exact words.
  • OgreIRC - This will remain in development/testing for quite some time. Will be adding the files so I can test things. I will also be updating the wiki with an OgreIRC section as I go to try to avoid the work later on.
  • Update to loot: Due to a bug in ISXEQ2 - All of the below does not work. It should all work when (if?) ISXEQ2 is fixed. Currently, it will loot a the window if the chest ONLY contains a: Void shard, Mark, Seal, or Seal and E'ci token. Or if the chest only contains one of the quest pieces below. Other combinations (such as a seal, token, and quest item) nothing will be looted.
    • Should now loot the following, regardless if other things are in the chest also (note: Only affects FFA when a loot box pops up and you have the choice of Loot item and Loot all).
    • void shard - TSO Shards
    • Mark of Manaar - SF Heroic
    • Seal of Arad - SF Raid
    • Epic Token of E'ci - Icy Raidx4
    • Soft valkyire feathers - Icy Raidx4 Quest item
    • a quality yeti pelt - Icy Raidx4 Quest item
    • a large chunk of yeti meat - Icy Raidx4 Quest item

Version 12.005 - Kannkor

  • Heal tab converted to listboxes. (Thanks to Noob536).
    • On some existing profiles, you will have some empty slots that show up as NULL|% that are black (disabled). They won't hurt anything, but once you remove them once and re-save your profile, they won't reappear. (Old way of saving saved some bogus information, doesn't affect bot performance at all).
  • When you become a disembodied spirit - the bot will enter a "paused" stage, so you can do what you wish. Should resume once you exit the spirit stage.

Version 12.004 - Kannkor

  • Files changed: ui, up, upxml, incombatmovement.iss
  • Raid updates (Incombatmovement.iss)
    • Fixed Maestro/Taskmaster movement (not really on purpose.. just came across something wasn't updated)
    • Iillsaad - Moved non-priest campspot#2 ahead by 2 meters.
  • Movement related fixes/changes
    • "Camp spot" no longer does a "Do not move" command, instead movement is simply restricted while campspot is active.
    • Doing a "Do not move" while a character is in the middle of moving into melee range, or moving behind, will not disable that movement (for times when a toon "freaks out" and you hit Do not move to stop it).
    • Change to "Camp spot" and "Come to me"
      • Previously: if "Campspot" is active, and a "come to me" is done, it turns OFF campspot.
      • Changed to: if "Campspot" is active, and a "come to me" is done, Campspot is TEMPORARYLY disabled. You can reactive it by using "Joust out", since that clears the temp disable to Campspot.
    • "Face mob in combat" will no longer face if you are moving.
      • This will make manually movement easier, it will also stop the "facing back and forth" while campspot is active etc etc.
  • "Jousting" functional. Still needs work.. but here are the details as is right now.
    • "Jousting" just temporary disables campspot(so move into melee range is then allowed). When Jousting is turned back on, it re-actives campspot (thus disabling move into melee range).
    • USAGE:
      • Turn Campspot on
      • Use "Jst off" (Joust Off) and input anyone you do not want to be jousting (such as "casters", or "healers"). [Optional step]
      • When you wish to allow your jousters to melee, hit "Joust in"
      • When you wish your jousters to get out, hit "Joust out"
      • NOTE Currently Jousting only supports people who use "move into melee range" as their way of "Jousting in".
    • Any Joust command will do nothing if you do not have Campspot enabled.
    • Joust commands are added to the main queue. Meaning when the bot is finished doing it's current task, it will go through the queued commands. You can override a Joust in command with a Joust out command, assuming the bot isn't doing anything else (such as a bard in the middle of casting a spell while they are running).
    • Other uses: You are fighting a mob that expodes, or you need EVERYONE to run very far away at a certain point in the fight. Go to the "safe spot" and turn campspot on for everyone, then hit "Joust in". This temporary turns off campspot. You can then move your toons any where you want. When the mob is going to explode, hit "Joust out" and they will run to your camp spot.
  • CA tab
    • Added "IE" as an option. Ignore Encounter Nuke option. This will allow you to set encounter spells to only fire if you are in an encounter, AND make encounter spells fire if you are not part of an encounter, in the same spell order.
    • For example: My warlock has 2 very strong encounter nukes. If I'm part of an encounter, I want them to cast ASAP. However, if they are not part of an encounter, I still want them to cast, but lower in my list. So my spell order may look like this: (I would have Encounter Smart nukes checked on the front page)
      • Encounter Spell_01 (will only cast if fighting an encounter)
      • Encounter Spell_02 (will only cast if fighting an encounter)
      • Nuke_01 (Casts no matter what)
      • Nuke_02 (Casts no matter what)
      • Encounter Spell_01 [IE] - Will cast if you are fighting an encounter or not.
      • Nuke_03 (Casts no matter what)
      • Encounter Spell_02 [IE] - Will cast if you are fighting an encounter or not.
    • Added "IAE" as an option. Ignore AE Smart Nuke option. Same as above, except for AEs.

Version 12.003d - Kannkor

  • BOT PAUSING BUG DEFEATED - I think.. Changed the way the bot sees you are unable to cast (from stuns).
    • The bug: Huge thanks to everyone who helped find this bug. Some spells cast on you (from other people) were giving the same results as if you were stunned, thus the bot wouldn't try to cast because it thought it was stunned. Biggest culpurt so far: Templars!!!

Version 12.003a - (Minor release) - Kannkor

  • Added a bit more debugging and more identification of what they mean
  • New debugging "WhatIsTheBotDoing" - Feel free to use when the bot freezes.. be warned, it produces a good amount of spam. Only main/CastCombatArts has this debugging currently.

Version 12.003 - Kannkor

  • "Fixed" the CastOnTell and PullMyTarget (Templar hammer version) to broadcast the tells through the uplink, not just to that same session.
  • You should now be able to remove a buff and not have the bot freeze without reloading the buffs!
  • Complete overhaul of the CAs (Combat Abilities) interface (tab). Special thanks to Noob536 for doing most of this. Check out the new screenshot: CAs (Combat Abilities)
  • Which ever profile you most recently saved, will be the one the bot loads as it's "default" profile. For example:
    • You just saved a profile called "KannkorRocks", next time you load the bot, "KannkorRocks" will be loaded.
    • If you would prefer to load "Grind" profile every time the bot loads, load the profile "Grind", then "Save" it (don't have to make any changes), this will then set "Grind" as your new default.
  • SpellExport updates
    • SpellExport now changes inq "Cleansing of the Soul (Myth spell) from a "Spell" to a "Combat art" since "Combat arts" are allowed to be cast while moving, and spells are not. If you are an Inq with Myth spell - re-run your export!!

Version 12.002 - Kannkor

  • Setup tab: Added % NPC HP for Pet to attack. This will allow you to have your toon start attacking at a different percentage than your pet.
    • Note: If you have "Ignore NPC HP (100%)" checked on the Settings tab, that will force you AND your pet to attack anything at 100% health that you target.
    • Note: The pet % won't work unless it is equal or less than your NPC HP to attack. For example: If you were set to 50% before you attack, and your pet was set to 95%, you would not enter combat until the mob is at 50%. Your pet is "part" of you, and therefore wouldn't enter combat either until 50%. I can't see anyone doing this.. but thought I'd add.
  • Added "CastOnTell" from your auth list.
    • When you receive a tell that starts with: "cast:", your bot will cast that ability at the next possible moment. (Basically queues the command).
    • To note: If the ability doesn't exist (such as the person sending the tell typos), a message is broadcast through the uplink to anyone using the TellWindow (Setup tab - Receive broadcast tells from Uplink) with the error message.
    • Also, if the ability isn't ready (such as it's on cool down), a message will also be sent to the uplink (same as above).
    • (Uplink messages were used to avoid sending messages in-game).
  • Updated "Pull my target" for templars. If the ability is on cool down, it will also send a message via the uplink with the exact cool down (Can't do this in game, as it would look fishy you saying the spell has 26.4893 seconds left).
    • Super haxs - Changed unswerving hammer II to unswerving hammer. The reuse on Version 1 is 50 seconds, as opposed to almost 3 minutes on Version 2 (II) and 3 (III).
  • Fixed PreCast tab not saving information on the right coloumn. Check your profiles, chances are the precast tab was wiped out.

Version 12.001 - Kannkor

  • SpellExport changes (Version 1.12)
    • Illusionist AA Bewilderment is now automatically renamed to BewildermentAA. It will show up in your combo boxes as "BewildermentAA". This is (big surprise) the AA version of Bewilderment. The other bewilderment that appears is the regular spell. Note: Coercer's remains unchanged, they will still use "Bewilderment" as their AA since no naming problems.
    • Warden AA Dawnstrike is now automatically renamed to DawnstrikeAA. Same situation as above.
  • Bot now supports casting and confirming cast "BewildermentAA" for Illys. You will need to update your profile after running the spellexport to use the renamed AA.
  • Bot now supports casting and confirming cast "DawnstrikeAA" for Wardens.
  • NOTE - If there are any other AAs that are named the exact same as a spell, please let me know. These have to be manually coded in 1 at a time.

Version 12.000 - Kannkor