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Version 13

Version 13.009 - Kannkor

  • Development changes in 13.008a-h included.
  • Renamed file: to This should remove the conflicts with the file on the ISXEQ2 SVN.
  • Fixed 2 calls in Ogre New that were trying to runscript without a path.

In development 13.008d - DEVELOPMENT- Kannkor

  • Removed un-needed debugging
    • Time warp - No longer tells you in the console every time it casts time warp.
    • Removed all the Cure Curse debug that was added in for testing.
    • With the new skin, the title bar (that reads: class manager UI Ver #.##) was WAY off the right side of the screen. Should now be centered.
    • Added Ignore Encounter Nukes
  • Fixed a bug with CS-JO-JI not working correctly if you were running differently named scripts (such as OgreDev and Ogre) on different sessions.
    • Changed the "frame" border. With the new UI it clearly wasn't set correctly (nothing more than a visual change). It shouldn't have a boarder sticking out the right side anymore.
    • Added Load Ogre and unload Ogre buttons. These do relay all to load the extension (ext isxogre) and unload (ext -unload isxogre).
  • Raid updates - Vaclaz
  • Uplinkcontroller
    • Added Ignore HP to move into attack range
    • Added Ignore encounter nukes

Version 13.008a - Kannkor

  • 'NOTE': Changes include the below and the development build below.
  • UIXML, UIDev, UplinkController
  • UIXML changes
    • Added Ignore NPC HP to move - This basically sets '% NPC HP to move into attack range' on the 'Setup' tab too 100%. Assuming you have 100% set to attack (or ignore that also), you will move into melee range as soon as you have a valid target within range.
  • Raid updates
    • Syfak - You won't cast while cursed
    • Fixed a repeat call on one of the YIS mobs.. can't remember which now.

In development 13.007b - DEVELOPMENT - Kannkor

  • Files updated: UICommon, InCombatMovement, UIDev
  • Raid updates
    • Haraaket - "Your proximity to the library core seems to have protected you from the ritual!" now does a Joust-In.
    • Tox - Movement for non-fighters
  • Increased the police on casting while paused. If you are dead, paused, and you get a res or revive, you should no longer cast 1 spell before realizing you are actually paused.
  • InCombatMovement - Added a new member - Side. Currently only used for Tox, but may expand it to include other uses.

Version 13.007 - Kannkor

  • Uplink window released. See here for more details. Uplink Controller
  • When a person is assigned as the Dynamic assist (using the assist button on MCP), that person will temporary disable their auto assist, allowing you to change their target at will. When you clear the dynamic assist, they will resume their auto assisting.
  • Raid updates - Roehn Theer - Will cast beneficial spells while moving now.
  • See --'In development' 13.006c-o-- for other things updated

In development 13.006c-j - DEVELOPMENT - Kannkor

  • Files changed: ui, uixml
  • bot now understands "Cure curse on <name>". When this is said in group chat, other priests won't cast Cure Curse on that same target for 2 seconds.
  • Added a variable to flag the status. If you have a character name that contains the word "cancel" this could cause issues. Rename potion?! :)
  • New tab: Announce
    • This tab will later be used to announce when you cast spells. For now it just has 1 checkbox to announce Cure Curse to the group.
    • NOTE: If you are unable to change targets, you will still try to cast Cure Curse every 2 seconds and announce it, but it won't actually happen (since you can't cast on someone else). Right now there is no way for me to tell when you can, and can't cast on another target. So just be aware of this when not in a bot group.
  • Fixed people trying to do single target group buffs on people not in their group.
  • Fixed Cure curse not working when GroupOnly was selected (bug was introduced with 13.006c, so doubt anyone noticed).

Version 13.006 - Kannkor

  • Increased "Max Ranged auto attack" to default to 35 instead of 29'ish. This is based around 35 max range ranged weapons. Worst case you still use a 25 max weapon and you try to ranged at 35. (So far I haven't found a way to read your max weapon range without doing a server check).
  • Raid updates - Maalus, Penda/Kendis

Version 13.005 - Kannkor

  • Development Version pushed live.
  • Removed some debugging.

In development 13.004- DEVELOPMENT (Available via Ogre Dev) - Kannkor

  • Fixed castyping on Mana stone, hearts, and shards (means if you delete the value out to type a new one in, it won't crash, or if you type a letter by mistake, it won't crash).
  • Redid all the calcs for move in front AND move behind. Move in front was a little buggy, so I just re-did them all. Hopefully I don't need to touch them ever again... :)
    • Move behind moves behind when you exceed 45 degrees from behind and moves you until you are within 30 degrees.
    • Move in front moves you in front when you exceed 30 degrees and moves you until you are within 20 degrees.

In development 13.003- DEVELOPMENT - Kannkor

  • Fixed an ID bug that prevented casting of any beneficial spells
  • Fixed a bug with converting an ActorToID (only affected a few triggers).
  • MCP - Added "Dev Bot" to the "Other2" tab. Relays to load the Development bot.

In development 13.000 - DEVELOPMENT - Kannkor

  • To use the development version, you must have ISXOgre. The command is: Ogre dev <params>. The Params are the same as Ogre. For example: Ogre Kannkor would login Kannkor and load the live bot. Ogre dev Kannkor would login kannkor and load the development bot. Also, if I'm already logged into Kannkor. I could type: Ogre - that would load the live version. I could then type Ogre dev, that would close the live version, and load the development version. Then I could type: ogre - That would close the deve version, and load the live version.
  • Files changed: UI, InCombatMovement, EQ2OnScreenAssistant
  • ISXOgre updates
    • Fixed an error when you did: ogre login <toonname>. It worked fine, just gave an error about LoadInfo.
    • Added a small delay when reloading the bot (1s).
    • Removed some debug code.
  • This version will be dedicated to removing lag from the bot. Generally speaking this happens when you are around a LOT of actors (people, mobs, specials, random shit in zones). In theory, you won't notice any difference, except a faster bot. Listing what I have done incase people notice things I can track down what it was.
  • Removed a server call
  • Changed Zone.Name to variable CurrentZoneName which updates only when the bot loads a new toon (which includes when you first load the bot) or only once you zone.
  • Raid Updates
    • Removed most (all?) VP specific code. This was done in a very old format and I'm pretty sure it wasn't being used.
    • Removed Maestro specific code. It was buggy with the movement code (since about SF was released, maybe earlier).
    • 3Mages - Removed an extra delay after you cure someone.
    • Zebnok - Removed curing, since it wasn't working anymore anyways.
    • Changed most chat triggers to just check if RaidOptions are check, rather than which specific mob it is.
  • Fixed a bug with Casting CombatBuffs on "Target" while using Maintained. The maintained part was never checking.
  • Removed chat trigger "click execter orb". Use OgreMCP if anyone still does PoFerzhul.. (I'm pretty sure I was the only one that knew about the chat trigger anyways)
  • Mythical weapons
    • Previously, the bot would ensure your weapon was NOT broken before trying to use it. Unfortunately the check to see if your weapon is broke, is a server check. Therefore, when you break your Mythical weapon, there is a good chance the bot will get "stuck" trying to cast even though it can't because it's broken. This does NOT affect Myth spells.
  • From my TODO: list..
    • ${Me.Equipment[primary].Condition} - Check ALL equipment calls - All checked, .Conditions removed, and everything else was fine.
    • check Me.Inventory also.. god dammit. - Checked all Me.Inventory and everything was fine.
    • (Non-lag related) When removing Myth clickies, redo all the buffing/casting code to remove all the shit that is already in CheckBuffReadyOb - Not removing Myths anymore, only removed .Condition.
    • Change RaidOb - to reporting to TRUE/FALSE if it's checked but fails, and remove all checks to specific commands that don't need it. IE: Mob says AE coming, don't need to know which mob it is. -- Done.

To do list for this version

  • TODO:
    • (Non-lag related) CheckBuffReadyPet - Needs Obj-Range updated to use CheckABilReadyob