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Versions: ISXOgre-2011.10.17, Patch Version-108, OgreBot-15.025 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Added Othmir.iss. Accessed via ogre othmir <optional parameters>
    • Go to Great Divide near NPC Aqua and type "ogre othmir start 1" in the console
    • This will get you far enough in the timeline so you can do the repeatable quests (GD only).
    • Once finished you can type "ogre othmir repeat" to start the repeatable quests.
  • Added OgreInventoryManager. Access via ogre im <optional parameters>
    • Note: Only trading has been coded.
    • Click Here for more information.
  • Hotfixed in 15.024a: Fixed Dynamic Assist so the target of the assist disables their assist.
  • Removed debugging for monks combination.
  • Added no CAs/Named CAs while Monk superior guard is active.
  • While OgreBot is loaded, if you examine a Lore and Legend item you need, it will automatically study it.
  • Added some checks to skip casting on someone right as they start zoning, or finish.
  • Added LOS check to resing.

Versions: ISXOgre-2011.10.07, Patch Version-106, OgreBot-15.024 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: OgreUIXML,
  • OgreBot
    • Made CastFromUplink always remove quotes.
    • Invis abilities are no longer affected by auto attack timing (fix for chain tab).
    • Converted "ChainTab" code to support 3
    • Changed a press s to press backwardkey from the (which is s by default)
    • Updated Jesters cap tab to not have a immunity timer.
  • OgreUIXML
    • Reordered tabs a little bit
    • Renamed "ChainTab" to "Chain1Tab"
    • Added "Chain2Tab" and "Chain3Tab"
    • Added Accept Dunger Finder option. Accepts the pop up that asks you if you wish to join it when it's ready.
    • Added Auto accept Raid ready checks. There is a built in 1/2 second delay. (Note: This is a queued command, so it's a 1/2 second once the bot is idle, IE: after you are finished casting a spell).
    • Fixed typo: Indepentent... oops.
  • OgreCommon
    • May have finally fixed the error message: Error:Unparsable in Calculation of "-1.#IND00": '#' @Retval:Set[${Math.Acos[${Retval}]}]

Versions: ISXOgre-2011.10.02, Patch Version-104, OgreBot-15.022 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Added: MCPCommands
    • Added command: ExecuteAtom
      • Relays an OgreBotAtom
      • Parameter 1 = ForWho
      • Parameter 2 = AtomName
      • Parameter 3-11 = Parameters
  • Changed how Raid options for Proto work.

Versions: ISXOgre-2011.10.01, Patch Version-103, OgreBot-15.021 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Added: OgreMoveInCombat, MCPCommands
    • Added stop on curse to OgreMoveInCombat, and if campspot is turned on.
  • MCPCommands
    • Added End_Script_Relay

Versions: ISXOgre-2011.10.01, Patch Version-102, OgreBot-15.020 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Added: OgreMoveInCombat, MCPCommands
  • OgreMoveInCombat
    • You will probably never need this. It's used for some specific fights to allow ogrenaving while in combat. Defaults (would have to edit the script, or copy it and make your own) are:
      • Stop if anyone in group has a detrimental, if you have one, you will cure it.
  • ISXOgre
    • Added command: Ogre MoveInCombat (location / loc x y z)
  • "NotSelf" will now work with reses. Is equal to "Raid" (which does your group if you aren't in a raid).
  • MCPCommands
    • Added 2 new commands
    • OgreBotAtom
      • Executes an atom within ogrebot if ogrebot is loaded.
        • Param 1: atom name - case sensitive.
        • Param 2-11: Parameters
    • OgreBotAtomRelay
      • Same as above, except it: relay all
  • Removed OgreBotForSages from the patcher, and put OgreMoveInCombat in it's place.. it's the same thing.

Versions: ISXOgre-2011.09.30, Patch Version-101, OgreBot-15.019 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Changed files: InCombatMovement, UplinkController
  • Cleaned up the new raid debuff options a bit.
  • Removed all Kraytoc raid code (so you shouldn't sucide over the edge, it's not that bad of a fight, I swear).
  • UplinkController
    • Added the new raid debuff options.

Versions: ISXOgre-2011.09.29, Patch Version-100, OgreBot-15.018 (Available from autopatcher) - Kannkor

  • Fixed new raid debuff options from working.