Torment Runes

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  • Torment Runes
    • The Torment Rune you get from perfection raids for Earth (or from previous expansions from Guk or... uhh... the other one I can't remember). Previously, you would have had to enter every helm into the Item_Effect_Pairs file who had one. This wasn't a problem when they were so rare, and helms wouldn't change often. But now there are 8 tiers of helms, and 3 different kinds in each tier, that's up to 24 helms you'd have to enter into the file and keep changing it in your cast stack. That's too much for lazy ole me!
    • ItemTab
    • Will now display equipped slots when they have an usable item in them.
    • Example: _EQUIPPED_HEAD_03
      • You can ignore the number at the end, that's just for the bot. That means whatever you have equipped on your head. And this will change, as you change your helms.
      • You then use this in your cast stack the same as you would any other item. Example:
        • Item: _EQUIPPED_Head_03 | N_HP <= 99 | RIE | Type = Buff
    • The second part of this, is to add it to the Item_effect_pairs file ( )
    • The same annoyances apply from above, we don't want to add every single helm here if we can avoid it. We can bypass this, by doing the following:
      • <Setting Name="${Me.Equipment[head].Name}">Tormented Visage</Setting>
    • Note: This is going to tell the bot, that every single helm you have, if put into the cast stack, has an effect of Tormented Visage. While at the time of writing this, there are no other effects (that I'm aware of) that can go into your helm. If this changes, you will need to change this also.
    • Note: This ONLY updates when the bot is loaded. If you change your helm out, you need to reload the bot.