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OgreMCP - Uplink Controller


This window is used to check and uncheck items across the uplink. For example: Checking "Dynamic Ignore PBAE" will check that box on ALL sessions.



  • Note: This simply checks, or unchecks the box on all sessions.
  • Note: Some boxes are persistent through loading profiles. For example: Dynamic's (Dynmaically ignore PBAE) doesn't load or save. So if you check it on, you must uncheck it to turn it back off. All other options will be re-loaded when you reload a profile.
  • Note: Changes happen as soon as you check or uncheck a box.
  • Note: When you check or uncheck a potion or Cure Curse it checks the priority tab. If you have the potion in the Priority tab it will turn it on or off to match the uplink. If it is not in the priority tab these have no effect on the character.
  • Note: Be careful using the "Update" buttons. These buttons send the options for ALL options in the category. For example, if you had Arcane Potion checked, but the other 3 potions unchecked and you hit "Update All Cures" all sessions would make sure Arcane is checked, and the other 3 are not.