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Why Ogrecraft

There are many questions I get all the time. Here are the most common ones in hopes to answer your questions.

Q: What is OgreCraft?

A: OgreCraft is a fully automated crafting bot. Much like ISXEQ2s Crafting Bot.

Q: OgreBot vs ISXEQ2s Crafting Bot!

A: Simply put, things evolve. ISXEQ2s Crafting Bot was written many years ago. It still works fine for pretty much anything it does. OgreCraft was written from scratch to handle all the basic crafting needs, as well as some additional convienence needs.

Q: How much does OgreCraft cost? What if I already have OgreBot.

A: See OgrePricing for full details

Q: Here is a little comparison of things between OgreCraft and ISXEQ2s Craft.

  • Craft Recipes. Such as arrows, potions, adornments etc.
    • OgreCraft: Yes
    • ISXEQ2s: Yes
  • Ability to modify recipes in the queue.
    • OgreCraft: Yes - can increase/decrease or completely remove a recipe from your set up queue.
    • ISXEQ2s: No, have to clear the entire queue.
  • Purchase Recipes
    • OgreCraft: Yes
    • ISXEQ2s: No
  • Scribe Recipes upon leveling
    • OgreCraft: Yes
    • ISXEQ2s: Yes
  • Multiple Queues
    • OgreCraft: Yes. This gives you the ability to be crafting, and setting up another queue at the same time.
    • ISXEQ2s: No.
  • Searchable Recipe list
    • OgreCraft: Yes, has standard sorting features along with an advanced searching option. This search updates while you type.
    • ISXEQ2s: Yes, has standard sorting features along with a basic searching option.
  • Save/Load Recipe queues (Also known as favourites).
    • OgreCraft: Yes
    • ISXEQ2s: Yes
  • Writs. Note: Both follow the same limit of 10 writs maximum at a time.
    • OgreCraft: Yes. Guild halls, crafting instances, and even Bathezids/Rillis/Danak writs are all supported.
    • ISXEQ2s: Yes. Guild halls and crafting instances only.
  • Writ speed.
    • OgreCraft: 4-4.5 minutes.
    • ISXEQ2s: 6-7 minutes.
  • LLL - Low Level Leveling. Since Writs aren't available until level 20, LLL assists with getting to 20.
    • OgreCraft: Yes. Automated leveling from 1-9, then 10 to 19.
    • ISXEQ2s: No. (Can be done manually by doing recipes/selling etc).
  • Autotinkering - Same idea as LLL, but to level tinkering up. Sells what it makes during the leveling process.
    • OgreCraft: Yes.
    • ISXEQ2s: No. (Can be done manually by doing recipes/selling etc).
  • No Map Navigation. The ability for the bot to navigate basic crafting rooms without the need for a map.
    • OgreCraft: Yes, as long as there is line of sight, OC does not require a map.
    • ISXEQ2s: No, movement requires a map with custom points.
  • Basic Map Navigation. The ability for the bot to navigate moderately difficult rooms without the need for custom named points on a map.
    • OgreCraft: Yes, any time a No Map Navigation doesn't work, 99% of the time a Basic Map will work. This means you run to the various crafting stations/merchants, and you're good to go. No custom named points required.
    • ISXEQ2s: No, you must give each end point a custom name. IE: RushOrder, Forge, etc.
  • Custom Point Navigation. The ability for the bot to navigate to a specific spot to complete a task (such as talk to a rush order agent).
    • OgreCraft: Yes
    • ISXEQ2s: Yes
  • Reaction accuracy (When countering actions that come up during the crafting process).
    • OgreCraft: 100% (Extreme lag could lower it, but at not fault of the bot).
    • ISXEQ2s: I'd estimate, 75% in most situations.
  • Reaction failures. What happens if a reaction fails.
    • OgreCraft: If a reaction fails, it usually means there is a typo some where. OgreCraft will output information into the console saying what it was trying to do, and it will take a screen shot of your in-game crafting window. Posting both of these on the forums means they will be fixed.
    • ISXEQ2s: Just a failed reaction.
  • Fuel Merchant interaction.
    • OgreCraft: Optimized for speed. Purchases faster than you can!
    • ISXEQ2s: When you are required to purchase a lot of fuel, it takes... a "while".
  • What happens when you have 2 recipes with the exact same name? (Adorning, for example).
    • OgreCraft: Both appear and work fine.
    • ISXEQ2s: Only 1 will work. The first one in the "list".