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Ogre Tradeskill Apprentice

This script will assist with doing the tradeskill apprentices added with AoD.

Please note: You really should be using Trade Skill Apprentice Manager (TSAM) instead. This is documented to explain the process, more than the use.


ogre tsapp <parameters>

Parameters: -h <housename>

Example: ogre tsapp -h kannkor

This tells the script your apprentice is in kannkor's house.

If no -h flag is set, you MUST be in the house with your apprentice already.

Uses the following logic:

  • House check
    • If already in correct house, continue on
    • If you are in a guild hall, it will try to use a "Portal to Housing", then type in the name of the persons house, continue on
      • Note: If where your appen's house owner, has multiple homes, make sure it's in the one alphabetically at the top, or have them get rid of their other houses. Again, it DOES filter by player, but I can't filter by house type.
    • If no portal to housing is available, it checks if a "New Halas Magical Manor" or "Lavastorm Winter Retreat" is available and uses it, continue on
    • If you are NOT in a guild hall, it will call you to a GH, then repeat the above.

If you are NOT in the correct house, it errors out. Otherwise, continue on.

  • Coach check
    • Hails apprentice
    • If option for coaching is available, does it.
  • Quest check
    • Hails apprentice
    • If option for quest is available, gets it.
    • Loads craft to determine if you have the resources available.
      • If tables, and all resources (including fuel) are available, crafting is done in the house.
      • If something is missing, uses "Magic Door to the Guild Hall" to get to the guild hall, and craft there, then return back (same methods as above) to the house
    • Turn in the quest.