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Ogre Tradeskill Apprentice Manager (TSAM)

This script will assist with managing the tradeskill apprentices added with AoD.

This script will manage your tradeskill apprentices, knowing when they need to do the quest and coach, and when they are completed. You can run any amount of toons through.


  • You must have ogre craft, cause, well, you have to craft.
  • Your apprentice MUST have the exact same name as you.

Usage: ogre tsam

Loads the UI.

The "Full Toon List" in the top left, is a list of all the characters in your EQ2chars list that have a password. It doesn't include any characters without passwords because that would be pointless as it has to log them in. If you are missing characters you need to complete this step: Filling out EQ2 Chars

Using this list, any toon that you wish to use this script for, highlight them, and type in their house location. This is simply the owners' house name. IE: kannkor if your apprentice is in Kannkor's house. Then hit add. Repeat this process for any toon you will be using.

Highlight characters in the "Used toon list", and click "Add Toon --->" button to add them to the "Toon List". Once you have all the toons you want this script to run on, hit "Run List".

Alternatively, you can use a predefined list. See more about Ogre List Manager.

At this stage, it runs them through Ogre Tradeskill Apprentice script.