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Why Ogre

There are many questions I get all the time. Here are the most common ones in hopes to answer your questions.

Q: What is OgreBot?

A: OgreBot is a UI driven fully customizable adventure bot.

Q: OgreBot vs EQ2Bot!

A: This is a very tricky question. In the end, both do the same thing - they fight and support you with adventuring.

Q: Is OgreBot better than EQ2Bot then?

A: Yes and no. For some people, yes it is better. For some people no. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. I'll list what I believe are a few of the strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind, I'm biased towards OgreBot as I have spent over 3 years coding it.

"Plug and Play". [Updated August 2011]

  • Both are equal. Both come preloaded and allow you to be playing within minutes after installing.


  • OgreBot has the advantage. OgreBot was designed to be fully customizable from a UI. This means you have control over nearly every single aspect of the bot, without looking at a piece of code.
  • EQ2bot - You certainly have some customizability with the UI, but in comparison, OgreBot has the advantage.


  • OgreBot comes with a wiki that is updated daily/weekly as changes are made to OgreBot. It also has screen shots and examples of how to use the options. IRC channel #Ogre where users of OgreBot hang out to provide advice and experience.
  • EQ2bot - Being I've never used EQ2bot, I can't comment on what does and does not exist. We'll chalk this up to me being biased :)

Updates and Auto-updater

  • Updates - Updates to OgreBot generally come weekly. Bug fixes are usually released within 24 hours of bugs being found. All OgreBot files are attached to an automatic updater. This means when new files are released, the next time ISXOgre is run, it will automatically receive the updates. Note for advanced users: ISXOgre uses isxgamespatcher, so you can .nopatch any files you have made custom changes to.

Spell lists, or lack thereof.

  • OgreBot does not use a conventional spell list. It uses what is called a spell export. This is an automated process that is only required to be run once per class. This also means, whenever a new spell, new spell line, new AAs, or there is a level cap increase, all your new spells and abilities are AUTOMATICALLY imported into OgreBot without editing a single file. Spells are displayed to you by their name.

Class files.

  • OgreBot does not use class files. 99% of spells are handled the same way for all classes. A beneficial spell works the same regardless of priest, mage or fighter. When there are special circumstances that are specific to one class, a class specific tab will appear with these special options. For example: Troubador Jester's cap, Warlock's DI/DA, Dirges Gravitas etc.

Mezzing. [Updated August 2011]

  • Ogrebot has MEZZING!!

Back to the Q&A...

Q: How much is OgreBot?

A: See OgrePricing for complete details.

Q: Do I still need ISXEQ2?

A: Yes. ISXOgre doesn't interact with Everquest 2. It interacts with ISXEQ2, the same way EQ2bot, or any other script does.

Q: If Inner Space or ISXEQ2 is down, does ISXOgre still work?

A: No, if Inner Space servers are down, you can't even load EQ2.

A: If ISXEQ2 is down, ISXOgre won't work. See above "Do I still need ISXEQ2".

Q: If I want to sign up, what is the process?

A: Information on pricing can be found on the pricing page. Then you setup your subscription. And finally, you use the new user walkthrough to set everything up.