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Ogre can seem overwhelming at first, so best bet is to follow New User Walkthrough, load it up and become familiar with the program before proceeding here. Once you have played with Ogre for a while the next things that come to mind are what more can this do? There are so many important features that you might want to take the time to explore further.

Ogre ADT

First off with Kunark Ascending the Ogre Ascension Daily Task Manager is a must have to set up and get all your characters their daily scrolls. Ascension is huge and this is an amazing opportunity to make sure you don't miss out on getting your maximum ascension experience. A full walk through in setting this up is in the link!

Ogre Export

So now that you are leveling ascensions and adding new spells, you need to export them to Ogre so it can utilize them!

  • List of new options.
    • -desc
      • --> Adds descriptions to the export. This is used if you want to see them in the export. Not used by Ogrebot.
    • -new
      • --> Deletes your current export and makes a new one instead of adding information. Not recommended.
    • -minlevel <level>
      • --> Sets the minimum level required for the export. For example 101 if you only wanted to export level 101 and above abilitites. Default is 0.
    • -maxlevel <level>
      • --> Sets the maximum level required for the export. For example 105 if you only wanted to export level 105 and below abilitites. Default is 999.
    • -j | -journeyman | -a | -adept | -e | -expert | -m | -master | -gm | -grandmaster | -ancient
      • --> Sets the minium required tier for the ability to be added to the export. For example if -adept is used only abilities adept or higher will be added.
    • AbilityName
      • Must be exact spelling of the entire name. You can use ability IDs also, if you know how to obtain them.
  • Note: When using -minlevel, it will EXCLUDE any ability that does not have a level, such as AA abilities. They are basically 'level 0', so putting a min value will be higher.
  • Note: Ascension abilities are all considered level 0. So the above note applies also.
  • Few random examples and what they do:
    • ogre export -master -minlevel 91 -maxlevel 100
      • Exports only abilities levels 91 to 100 (inclusive) AND that are master or above (grandmaster/ancient).
    • ogre export -adept -minlevel 101
      • Exports only abilities level 101 and above (in this case, up to level 999) that are adept or above.
    • ogre export "Incineration"
      • Exports the ability "Incineration" only. (Ascension elementalist level 12 ability, if you were wondering).
    • ogre export "Dagger Storm"
      • Exports the ability "Dagger Storm" only. This example is really just here to show you to have quote words with spaces in them.

If you pass it anything else, it will assume you passed it other flags and know what you are doing and follow those other flags (IE: do the entire thing).

If you did typo, you can stop the export with: ogre end export, then restart it with whatever you meant to do.

Ogre MCP

OgreMCP - Ogre Master Control Panel. Complete list of options and parameters here. You have been playing with the default one for a while. Maybe you were brave enough to start making your own buttons even! You can also stack commands on MCP buttons here [Stacking Commands].

Must have buttons for me:

  • Inviters - invites your group with just 1 click
  • Assist and OFollow me - makes your people assist and follow
  • Setup buttons - I make a set up button for all heroic zones that I run
  • Ascension scroll (use item) - Uses ascension scrolls on everyone while your out there adventuring
  • Spells - I put snaps for tanks, death prevents for priests, and ae blockers etc into MCP buttons so that I can easily control everyone when I need to.


Aliases - If you skipped this the first time around I recommend going back and spending time here. Aliases are essential in making OgreBot really work for you!


EQ2Chars - So this is also an optional step in the initial set up. If you skipped this you NEED to go back and do it now, your life is about to get way better here! First off this saves all your account information and passwords. Why would I want to do that you ask? Well to start off with in ANY session you can go to Innerspace Console by using the ` key and type 'ogre toonnamehere' and automatically log that toon in without having to back all the way out! No more /camp or reloading, and this option starts OgreBot automatically for you as well! You can also use 'ogre login toonnamehere' to login without Ogre auto loading!

Ogre Autologin

Now that we have our fancy new EQ2Chars all filled in there is another important feature to discuss: AutoLogin. OgreAutoLogin can open sessions, and/or use existing sessions, and log characters into specific sessions.

Ogre Auto Target

Most people have seen the Auto Target tab on the Main Settings. This makes add management super easy, especially on fights where burning adds even partially is important.