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Ogre Pricing

Here is the pricing for Ogre subscriptions. Note: All prices listed are in USD.

Note: If you are looking for information about each project, please see the main page.

Worth repeating. You MUST have a valid subscription to innerspace and ISXEQ2 for ISXOgre to work. Please have these installed and working prior to acquiring ISXOgre.

  • Ogre Combo pack. Both OgreBot and OgreCraft. $10/month, payable in 3+months at a time. ($30/3months)

The reason it is done in 3 months or more, is because paypal takes a raw value plus a percent of each transaction. So by increasing the time (3 months as opposed to 1 month), it keeps more of the money between us, rather than giving it to paypal.

  • What you get with a subscription:
    • You get access to the current OgreBot/OgreCraft, and all future updates.
    • You can use your ISXOgre account for personal use. "Sharing" usernames/passwords will result in the closing of your accounts.
    • You can use your ISXOgre account on up to 5 different computers within a 24 hour time period. Note: There is no limit of EQ2 sessions within those 5 computers. So you're welcome to load 2000 EQ2 sessions if your 5 computers can do it.
    • You can use your ISXOgre account on up to 2 different IP addresses within a 24 hour time period. There are quite a few limits and exceptions that fall into this category. As long as you're using it for personal use, you shouldn't have any problems. If you're sharing it, especially with someone that lives "elsewhere", you're probably going to lose your account.
    • Access to unsupported, as-is, additional scripts (see below).

  • What you *don't* get with a subscription:
    • Anything that isn't listed above. However, there are a few I want to point out.
    • Support. There is no paid support for ISXOgre. It is all done by volunteers, including myself. Remember when you are asking for help, people are doing it on their own time, to help the community. Treat those helping you with respect, and they will probably do the same. Remember, YOU are asking for help, not them.
    • Feature demands. Well, demands of any kind really. You can put in feature requests on the forums. There is no promises if these will be completed, or when. I try to complete feature requests that make the most sense, for the majority of users. For example, if there's 10 requests, and 2 of them are general improvements that 80% of people would make use of, while the other 8 requests only 1 class would make use of, I'll generally work on the 2. Time required to complete also plays a large part.

Below is a list of the "freebies" that come with each product.

  • OgreBot OR OgreCraft. This means having a subscription to either, grants you access to the following:
    • Ogre Harvest -- Loads EQ2OgreHarvest
    • Ogre Tell -- Loads the Uplink tell window. Note: This is built into Ogrebot already. This Command is a standalone version.
    • Ogre Map | Mapper -- Loads the OgreNav mapper.
    • Ogre Move <string location> | Movement <string location> -- Runs movement script with the arg of location using OgreNav
    • Ogre Hire <tier> | Hireling <tier> -- Loads the hireling script for Guild Hunter/Gatherer/Miner - Default tier is 9
    • Ogre HireG <tier> | HirelingGroup <tier> -- Loads the script for using multiple hirelings - Default tier is 9
    • Ogre HireX <tier> <options> -- Loads the script for using 1 toon to collect multiple guild hirelings, then deposit them. Default options are tier 9 and both -h (hireling) and -d (deposit). You may do "ogre hirex 9 -h" for hirelings only.
    • Ogre Depot -- Loads the Depot script
    • Ogre Transmute -- Loads the Transmute UI
    • Ogre Item | IDB -- Runs Item manager. You can also use OgreMCP - ItemDB - button on the left.
    • Ogre trade <How many stacks: Default is 12> -- Runs trade script. Target the person you wish to trade with, and examine the item you wish to trade
    • Ogre AFK - Runs the anti-AFK script to prevent the instance from closing down
    • Ogre IM <parameters> - Runs the Inventory Manager script. Parameters include -i <itemsearchtext> -e (examine flag) -t <Targetname> # (Number of stacks to trade)
    • Ogre login toonname -- Loads a login script that loads the toon but does NOT load OgreBot
    • Ogre Export -- Runs Ability Export - Used for adding spells and abilities to OgreBot
  • OgreBot. You must have a subscription to the OgreBot Adventuring bot in order to gain access to the following freebies. Why OgreBot?
    • Ogre Reset | Zone -- Loads the Zone reset UI
    • Ogre QFaction -- Loads the Qeynos faction helper script. Highly recommend you check the wiki before using
    • Ogre FPFaction -- Loads the Freeport faction helper script. Highly recommend you check the wiki before using
    • Ogre Othmir <Parameter1> <Parameter2> - Loads the othmir script. Parameter1- start [repeat]. Parameter2 - [1] 2. Defaults are repeat and 1. See wiki for more details.
    • Ogre x2 -- Loads the on screen display of when KageZonn has the buff.
    • Ogre Hypatia - Loads an onscreen display of when Hypatia is reflecting.
    • Ogre idol - Loads an automatic targeting of heroic HM idol in the temple of rallos zek.
    • Ogre OSA | OnScreen -- Loads the On-screen-Assistant (OSA)
    • Ogre MCP || MCP -- Loads OgreMCP (Previously known as Uplink)
    • Ogre toonname -- Loads the toon and loads OgreBot
    • Ogre dev toonname -- Loads the toon and loads OgreBot development version
    • Ogre dev -- Loads OgreBot development version
    • Ogre -- Loads Adventure bot
  • OgreCraft. You must have a subscription to the OgreCraft in order to gain access to the following freebies. Why OgreCraft?
    • Ogre craftlite -- Loads craftlite. Automatically crafts once crafting has been started.
    • Ogre Craft -- Loads the craft interface. Note: This automatically loads craftlite to handle the crafting.
    • Ogre tsapp -- Use a Tradeskill Apprentice
    • Ogre TSAM -- Manage all your Tradeskill Apprentice's