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Welcome to Ogre Wiki.

This page is for the Everquest 2 Ogre Adventure bot and Ogre Crafting bot.

OgreBot is a fully customizable adventure bot. OgreCraft is an advanced crafting bot.

  • OgreBot and OgreCraft are part of the ISXOgre extension. However one thing to point out, ISXOgre does NOT do anything ISXEQ2 does. You REQUIRE ISXEQ2 in order to use ISXOgre.
  • Lastly, ISXOgre requires a subscription, see Ogre Pricing for more details.


Ogrebot is a fully customizable adventure bot.

  • FAQ and Help - Including screen shots of examples of how to setup classes.
  • Did you know... - Random pieces of information that will help you sleep at night.
  • Revision History - Here you will find the revision history. Every time a file is updated, I will do my best to include specifics of what was added, and any important details about it.
  • Feature Requests - Here you will find a list of items I have on my list to code. Some are new, some are upgrades etc.

Ogre Bot

Advanced Usage

  • Torment Runes - Setting up Torment Runes to be handled by OgreBot.

Crafting - Harvesting & Depots

  • Harvesting
    • Ogre Plant - Manages the house plant (Kunark Ascending Crafting Quests)
    • Ogre Goblin - Manages the gathering goblin
    • HireX - HireX is a script that allows you to run guild hall hirelings automaticaly and have them put their harvests into the GH depots.
    • Ogre Map - A zone mapping and WP marking tool.
    • Ogre Harvest -- In the ISXEQ2 Command Window type Ogre Harvest; should be used with Ogre Map, this will allow your toons to auto harvest.
    • Ogre Packpony -- Loads a UI that lets you have the bot log in characters to do their packponies based off the settings you have set up in Ogrebot on the packpony tab.
  • Depots
    • Depot - Guild Hall Depot Management and Commands
  • Transmute
    • In your ISXEQ2 command drop down window type Ogre Transmute - Loads the Transmute UI (supports to level 110 now)
  • Salvage
    • In your ISXEQ2 command drop down window type Ogre Salvage - Loads the Salvage UI (supports to level 110 now)
      • Please note you must have the salvage crafting AA in order to use this option

Faction Scripts

  • FreeportFaction - Freeport faction is a script to assist in the faction part of the betrayal quest.
  • QeynosFaction - Qeynos faction is a script that assist in the faction part of the betrayal quest.
  • Othmir - Does repeatable faction quests in Great Divide. NOTE: This script is a use-as-is. It is NOT supported or maintained.

Heroic / Raid Scripts

Other Ogre Scripts

  • AutoLogin - Directions to set up some Auto Login scripts that will load multiple clients including across multiple pc's.
  • OgreItem - Currently in testing, only accessible by testers. An Item Database manager to help track what characters have what items.
  • Old Inventory Manager - Used to transfer items between toons and bags. A collection of scripts used to assist with inventory management.
  • Ogre Inventory Manager - Used for all your inventory Needs. Sell - Destroy - Trade - Transmute/salvage/extract and more.
  • Ogre List Manager - Used to create custom lists for later use in other Ogre features.
  • Ogre Ascension Daily Task - Designed to run characters to ascension trainers to get their daily scrolls.
  • Ogre Proving Grounds: The Underdepths - Designed to run the proving grounds solo for each of your characters automagically
  • Ogre Boat - Runs the Frillik Tide key quest in OF
  • Ogre Collection Manager - Both depot and inventory options for managing collectibles
  • Ogre HideEffects - Helps cut down the number of effects in your spell effects window.
  • Ogre TrackShiny - Helps track down shinies nearby, can sort out colors.
  • Ogre Zone Resetter - Zone Resetting User Interface
  • Ogre Export - Exports ability information for us in Ogre Bot
  • Ogre Ability Efficiency - parse your ability export and export it
  • Ogre TempAdorns - Make a List and Apply the List of Temporary Adorns to a Character.
  • Ogre Merchant Craft - Craft limited use recipes from merchant at merchant.
  • Ogre RPC - Checks your Raid Armour Patterns to see what is unlocked.
  • Ogre Infuse - Infuse items Automatically with infusers or Plat.
  • Ogre Reforge - Reforge into a predefined or self defined set of stats.
  • Ogre Adorns - Scans your inventory and Equipment and compares in a UI.
  • Ogre Experiment - Loads a UI so you can make a list of items to experiment on and choose stats etc.
  • Ogre Instance Controller - IC - Runs Instances for you.
  • Ogre Auto Target Balance - Loads a UI where you can enter some basic information and create an Auto Target list for balancing mobs health.
  • Ogre Smart Loot - Loads a UI to assist you in keeping track of specific looted items, and to ensure each specified team member acquires them.
  • Ogre Collection Checker - Scans inventory and depots in the area for Collection items still needed. If found, it adds them to your completed collections page.



  • OgreIRC - OgreIRC is a IRC plugin that hooks into the uplink and allows control of some functions inside sessions.

Script Developers

  • Spew Stats - A list of all spewstats options
  • OgreBotAPI - Methods & Members for scriptwriters to utilize
  • Ogre Instance Helper API - Methods & Members for scriptwriters to utilize when making instance files
  • Ogre Utilities API - Methods & Members for scriptwriters to utilize when making instance files or local scripts
  • EQ2 Window Reference - For scriptwriters to see what EQ2 windows are called, and any applicable references, such as OgreBotAPI